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Your Opinion: Rebuttal on "socialist' global warming

Your Opinion: Rebuttal on "socialist' global warming

March 3rd, 2011 by William Edwards, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

After reading Mark Bruenger's letter "Global Warming is Socialist Fraud" I felt compelled to defend the warnings of these commie scientists (such as Dr. James Hansen, Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, Dr. James Lovelock, Dr. Michael Mann and the other entire commie low-life scientists involved in IPCC) who are attempting to preserve my children's future.

I'm no scientist, but, as an interested layman, I've read about this issue since my late 30s (I'm now 60.) Over the years, I've written letters to editors, argued with people about the issue, but recently I've just thrown up my hands. But after reading Bruenger's letter, I just had to write one last letter on the issue.

One billion years ago the sun was 24 percent dimmer and all the planetary carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere and primordial oceans. As life developed carbon dioxide levels fell and our planet cooled.

As land masses formed carbon dioxide was trapped in the ground through dead biomass; this carbon dioxide turned into the coal, oil and tars we use today.

Problem! Since the Industrial Revolution, human beings have been digging out these fossil fuels, where nature sequestered them and dumping them back into the atmosphere on an unprecedented scale, threatening our planet with "The Venus Syndrome.'

The Venus Syndrome? It's the process of runaway global warming in which a living like ours turns into a dead planet like Venus.

Mr. Bruenger's assertion that global warming is some sort of socialist plot is weird and laughable. First of all, our planet's climate mechanisms don't do politics; secondly, these "socialists" must have some insidious mind control to hypnotize the 90-plus-percent of scientists, worldwide, who are sounding the alarm.

Correct! Water vapor is the most powerful greenhouse gas. Ice melt is forcing more and more water vapor into our atmosphere and coming out of our atmosphere as catastrophic snowfall and rainfall - this is the affect of Global Warming. And it's going to get worse - we'll never have another Ice Age.

It used to be that an ice age was brought on by a global warming event: things would heat until water vapor caused snowfall to cover the Northern Hemisphere, thus increasing the planet's reflective surface.

Because of us, this mechanism will never work again. We have very little time left to turn this situation around.

Please read Dr. James Hansen's book "Storms of My Grandchildren."