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Weiner ensnared in web of lies

Weiner ensnared in web of lies

June 21st, 2011 by Beverly A. Shelton Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Much publicity has been generated about the conduct of Congressman Anthony Weiner. This appears not to be a situation of much ado about nothing but rather a person's exhibitionist nature. And he certainly should not be exonerated for his actions over the period of time he purported his behavior that has just come to light.

This person's personal conduct makes him unacceptable in performing his duties as required in the position he now holds. And this guy even got in touch with Bill Clinton, of all people, to apologize to him. Clinton probably gave him good advice - stay the course like I did and voters will forget about the antics taking place from your office.

There is an adage that politicians such as Congressman Weiner and other political figures as well should remember: If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. When you start telling lies, you get tangled up in a web that you can't get out of.

Politicians like the Clintons and others in the news such as O.J. Simpson, Charles Rangel and Rodney King, along with entertainment figures don't seem to understand or care about their reputations although they get away with distortions of the truth and get off scot free. But do they really? Papers, magazines and books reveal their misdeeds and many people recall quite well what people like these have done.

Offices of politicians and other public figures should not be used for tawdry behavior. It is true what they do in their private life is their own business, unless it is on display in public places. These offices belong to the taxpayers of this country as well as all of the equipment used in such establishments.

And going into special sessions cost the taxpayer far too much money - they should spend their legislative time and effort in solving our state/town problems and not their own special interests.

It would be interesting and enlightening to see a complete listing of all the special perks for each individual senator and congressional member approved by the individual lawmaker.

And with Congressman Weiner, it's a case of there are not ands, ifs and buts about it, but a political figure who lies about a personal indecent episode and should have the decency to resign.

This is quite offensive to the general public and should be handled accordingly.