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Your Opinion: All the talking points

Your Opinion: All the talking points

June 15th, 2011 by Steven Brown, Holts Summit in News

Dear Editor:

The letter from Robert Allen on June 7 is the poster child for liberal politics. You Mr. Allen hit every buzz word and talking point that the liberal left has proposed. I am particularly proud of you for using the phrase "shared sacrifice." Bravo! By the way, that is liberal Democratic code for "raise taxes."

Then you really hit the ball out of the park when referred to tax breaks for the rich. Mr. Allen is definitely not going to be confused by the fact that the rich pay most of the taxes already.

It's pork barrel spending and entitlements that are the problems. We don't have a tax problem, we have a spending problem (gee, now I've gone and used a buzz word.) The military allows you to write about savage cuts in education (while we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in the city of New York for teachers to do nothing while under review for dismissal.) Yes, all spending should be looked at, but be careful where you cut, it could be your freedom you are putting at risk. All of government should be held accountable. Again, it's not a tax problem.

By the way Mr. Allen and you liberal Democrats, can you tell me how the government can (or should) provide nutrition and affordable housing? I worked and bought my own home or is that a new concept for liberals? Due to all the regulations imposed, every thing in the store plainly lists what is contained; I buy my own food, or is that also a new concept for the liberals? What exactly do you trust the unwashed public to do for themselves?

And news flash, the EPA is an anchor on this country that should be reigned in, not encouraged. We have coal and oil, let's go after it. If it comes to growing crops, or drilling for oil, or a lizard that just can not adapt, see ya lizard! I think they taste like chicken.

It is obvious to me that the 2012 election will boil down to personal responsibility or continuing down this path of spending and entitlements which will end this country as we have known it. We need to turn our industry loose (reduce regulations) and go about the business of developing energy (drill baby drill).

Unlike Obama, I do not think $5 gas (forced reduction in use of gas) is the solution to our energy use.