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Your Opinion: Response to Garber on Middle East

Your Opinion: Response to Garber on Middle East

June 12th, 2011 by Harold Hortamann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Mr. Milton Garber's letter published in the June 1 issue of the News Tribune. I can't believe how any American can believe that Mr. Obama, trying to tell Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East, what to do about anything! Israel is constantly being barraged by missiles and avowed to be eliminated by almost every Muslim neighbor. They have had tunnels dug under their borders and arms smuggled into the country for terrorist acts by Hamas (supported by Iran), and he wants to make all these acts of aggression easier for the Palestinians? Why?

Mr. Garber's letter sounds as if no president has attempted to solve the Palestinian issue! This is absurd. Presidents Clinton and Bush both obtained considerable concessions from Israel all to be flatly refused for negotiation by the Palestinians. They were even able to obtain a Palestinian agreement to an election. What good did that do? Hamas, the terror group has still been the real controlling organization in Palestine and now Mr. Abbas has signed a pact with them essentially giving them power. How is that in America's best interest to be on the side of a terrorist governed nation against our only Democratically governed ally in the Middle East?

There is something seriously wrong with many of the people of this country's understanding of the history of the Jewish people and the Muslim's obsession with their elimination. Could it be the hope of decreasing the Muslim's hate for the "big Satan" (the USA) by the appeasement of giving them a ransom of the "little Satan" (Israel) or are they are just sympathetic to the oppressive and dangerous Muslim religion. Whatever their motivation is, we (America) had better be protecting Israel and its sovereignty against the aggressive and oppressive Muslim assault on Israel and freedom.

It's really strange. We have and are allowing the killing of our soldiers in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and now possibly Libya to try to promote democracy and/or inhibit dictatorships in these Muslim countries. What have we gained? To my knowledge, at best, a shaky democratic government in Iraq. Otherwise nothing! The Muslims still hate us, and they still are determined to eliminate Israel. What will it take for we Americans to learn? Another 9/11? No, probably something bigger than that!

Oh, I almost forgot, Mr. Obama killed Osama Bin Laden so our worries are over.