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Your Opinion: Social Security and debt limit

Your Opinion: Social Security and debt limit

July 17th, 2011 by Donald F. Butzlaff, New Bloomfield in News

Dear Editor:

I guess I should have answered the man who replied in a note that Social Security did not cheat anybody. I never alluded to the fact that Social Security has or did cheat anybody on their list of retirees. The system pays out as it is intended to.

All I said was that if a person paid into the program his whole life and died prior to collecting his pension, the government benefited by not having to pay out his life-long donations.

President Obama said on July 13 that if they can't get together and agree on raising the debt limit, they will suspend Social Security and other government programs. Is this hard ball or what?

If they do that then every employer in the U.S. should stop taking out government taxes as long as they remain in this mode. The troops in the field should retire to their bases and protect themselves or be sent home.

Everybody realizes that we will be forced to raise the debt limit; it's simple matter of survival to pay our bills. Has anyone asked what the government will put up as collateral to borrow this money? All money spent by the government is tax money paid for by us, the everyday working guy and gal in this country.

So can I ask, if I went to the bank credit finance company and asked to borrow money what would they ask for; my house, my car, something they could repossess and sell. So if the debt limit is raised what is my government pledging. If we raise the debt limit and not limit government spending in some method then we will create a larger cookie monster who says "Feed Me." Kind of like the movie "Little Shop of Horrors."

We have to raise the debt limit so we can borrow money. We can not sustain raising our spending levels because that just creates a bigger monster, aka government programs.

We should be looking at foreign programs like foreign aid to China to promo marketing in the USA. Now we are withholding $800 million from Pakistan for their lack of cooperation. If we look we won't have to consider cutting Medicare by $500 million to retired people. If we look we have a lot of government waste to foreign countries with no return benefits to us.