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Your Opinion: Perspective on past and present

Your Opinion: Perspective on past and present

July 2nd, 2011 by Beverly A. Shelton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Is this community reverting back to the days of yore? Personally I am not the least bit surprised that adult shops appear to be springing up here with a City Council like we have created for ourselves. The woman who is raving about the matter is wasting her time to appeal to this group to close such an establishment.

This mess has also been created by the good citizens who don't seem to bother about the going's on, but expect others to speak for them by expressing their personal views.

Bars have been allowed to open in this area; fist fights have occurred inside or outside this type of establishment. Money talks. This City Council and the businesses are only interested in bringing in money to not only line their pockets (some are in a business themselves) but to fill the coffers of other businesses.

My question is: What kind of people open stores of this nature, local or outsiders, and what will be approved next?

This letter is coming from this citizen for a three- or four-fold purpose.

The matter of the disfigurement of tattoos appeared on the people of Africa and during pre-historic times as well as the American Indian and on the savages of South and Central America. They were used in warfare and as a mark of beauty. I question the latter in present day usage. The younger generation seems to have gone overboard for the markings on their individual bodies as well as entertainment figures but it is used to draw attention to themselves. Everyday citizens are way out of line using these markings. To carve these horrendous designs on a person's whole body, including the arms and face, appear way out of line for this civilized American.

There are very few buildings still standing that could qualify as historical and we are becoming quite tired of a steady dosage of reading about Old Town and the old jail but the latter has become overdone and obsolete.

This town is grasping for straws to see that it can be classified as historical in any sense of the word. We are no Dodge City, Cheyenne, or New Orleans.

The Chamber of Commerce and others characterize the historical aspect of this area and play up the Missouri River. And last, but not least, why has our government opened a flood gate for foreign countries like China and Honduras to invade our country with foreign goods that are far inferior to American goods.