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Your Opinion: Bruenger's letter draws response

Your Opinion: Bruenger's letter draws response

January 26th, 2011 by Diane Ferguson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I'm responding to the sarcastic, hyperbolas letter to the editor written by Mark Bruenger, entitled "Socialist delusions distort reality."

I would love to address the many straw men contained in that "letter" you sent, but every time I start to do so I find myself too overwhelmed by the simplicity and lack of common academic standards to continue, and yet I will try and address just a couple of your least coherent points in hopes of illuminating for the uninitiated just how ridiculous the Republican agenda really is.

• "A socialist form of government will produce Utopia." First of all, I'm not a Democrat! Second of all, Democrats are not socialists! I have yet to see a Democrat call for the nationalization of any industry. Until they do you don't get to keep lying to us that they are, indeed socialists. Third, none of us ever said "Socialism will bring utopia," however this proposed system would make things far more fair for those of us at the bottom, and the bottom of the middle where most people in Jefferson City find themselves, according to national income and standard of living data.

• "Government embraces Islam faith now because the religion of violence is helping to destroy the present constitutional republic that is the basis of the United States." This appeal to emotion serves little purpose other than to try and fan the anti-Islamic flames the two Middle Eastern wars started. I have yet to see any government concession to Islam anywhere in this town myself.

• "Citizens are not rational reasonable individuals that can think or take care of themselves without government. The masses are so helpless they need, cradle to grave government direction and support." This line serves as yet another straw man, taking what the right assumes the socialist position to be and turning into something it never has been, nor ever will be. The socialist position is that you are stuck with big government no matter what you do. Currently, the big government is all about giving the little man/woman nothing and giving corporate America everything. Only when the little guys/gals stand up for one another can we unify long enough to make big government work for us instead of the corporations. No more capitalism for you and me, and socialism for corporate America!

Let's stand together, shall we?