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Your Opinion: Adoption cited as alternative

Your Opinion: Adoption cited as alternative

February 25th, 2011 by Molly Rowland, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

A suggestion in regard to the letter from Geraldean McMillin: Allowing a child to be born, placed in a home where they are unwanted, and abused is not only unconscionable; it is unacceptable. There are many organizations, such as Birthright, Open Arms, church-affiliated children's agencies, adoption agencies, as well as Vitae Caring Foundation, who are ready to help and offer counseling to any young woman in the face of an unwanted pregnancy.

Adoption is a marvelous alternative to abortion, but it is not an easy one for the birth mother. She must be able see a pregnancy through to term and commit to taking care of herself and the child she is carrying. She must also be able to give that child to someone else to raise and love. Most likely she will have to undergo inconvenience, ridicule, and personal discomfort or pain.

Is that worth the life of a child? Is the life of a child to be discarded because that child has the misfortune to be conceived in a situation where he or she is inconvenient or unwanted? We cannot will someone to love another, or legislate it into being, but should we not consider doing all in our power to make it possible for that mother to allow the child to live and be given the chance for a productive life and support her while she does so?

Facing an unwanted pregnancy is a "dreadful life-changing experience." Adoption could be part of helping that mother and solving the plight of a loving husband and wife, unable to have children and praying for a child to love. The number of children available for adoption has dwindled for decades. The waiting period is usually long. Many are tempted to by-pass the system. That often leads to heartache. Would it not be a better solution for the babies who are aborted to be allowed to live and be adopted?

There are legal issues involved and I ask the lawmakers to address at least some of them. The welfare of the children is of the utmost importance. To me that means protecting the life of that child while making provision for the love, care, and nurturing they need and supporting the mother. Offering counseling and adoption could provide a great part of the answer and is worthy of being addressed.