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Your Opinion: Response on health care

Your Opinion: Response on health care

February 20th, 2011 by Sonjia Grotewiel, New Bloomfield in News

Dear Editor;

In response to Mr. Williams letter, I have intimate knowledge of the extremely high cost of insurance and the increasing, I would also add obscene, costs of medical care associated with a debilitating medical condition. I live with it 24/7.

You assume I am a Republican; sorry to disappoint you, I'm not. I watched the debates on the floors of Congress and the so-called "summit" with the president. The president refused to listen to any ideas put forth, refused to answer any meaningful questions concerning the mandates and costs associated with the legislation and was rude and condescending to any member of the panel that questioned any part of the bill. Nancy Pelosi, then House Speaker, refused to allow any amendments to the bill.

There is no disagreement that insurance is expensive, however, it's something that everyone should have. We already have Medicaid, SCHIP, and in Missouri we have High Risk assistance. You mentioned having children on a policy until they're 26. Are these adult children full time students? Do they have a medical condition that should allow them to remain on their parents' policies? I'm all for that. Should insurance companies deny coverage to anyone? No, that is just one more thing that could have been addressed in a two-page bill and would have had great support among members of Congress and the American people. When an elected official holds a press conference and says "you have to pass the bill in order to see what's in it" that should be a red flag to every American to do research.

No one in this country is denied medical care and if, God forbid, you are on a sidewalk or outside an emergency room and need care, you will be taken care of. No medical professional is just going to ignore someone needing care. As for me, I have an advanced directive and living will and encourage others to have one too. But that's my decision. I didn't need the government to spend money to have a physician speak to me about it.

I read the Constitution every time I need to research any new legislation being debated in Congress. That's my responsibility as an American. There is absolutely nothing in Article I, of the Constitution that gives the government the authority to mandate a person to purchase a product.

As for the senator you seem to admire, now she's questioning the mandate, but this is an election year.