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Your Opinion: Suggestions to improve our nation

Your Opinion: Suggestions to improve our nation

February 15th, 2011 by Charles W. Schroeder, Westphalia in News

Dear Editor:

A few thoughts on what our government should do.

First: Let every person know we are proud of our country and our flag. Pass a bill that would make it a federal crime to dishonor or desecrate the flag with a two-year prison term or oneyear house arrest with community service of six hours per day, five days a week for 48 weeks.

Second: Spend every dollar we can afford on our military and, yes, sell Israel the aircraft they want and need. This would create jobs and income in this country.

Third: Eliminate the income tax. Go to a sales tax format. Every person that lives in this country should support our country.

Fourth: Cut 25 percent in salaries, perks, aides, staff, agencies, programs, departments, committees. Have no czars, retirements, or federal health care. Have no three-day sessions and work six days. Give four paid trips to and from home. Complete next two years and more cuts in six years.

Fifth: Welfare needs a big overhaul. We can not permit generation after generation to be welfare recipients. People have to be responsible for themselves.

Sixth: We have to reduce the powers of the EPA, DNR, etc. If we want to keep manufacturing and business in this country and increase the job market we can not continue to rule, regulate, and fine them out of business.

At this point in time we need to work with what we have and what we know. Let the private sector improve on it and they will with new technology. Right now we need to drill for oil, mine and use our coal. Let our companies build the refineries and nuclear plants that we need.

Reduce our deficit, create jobs and business in the good old USA.

For the people, by the people and of the people. JFK said ask not what the country can do for you, ask what I can do for the country.