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Your Opinion: The tragedy of Proposition B

Your Opinion: The tragedy of Proposition B

February 12th, 2011 by Kristie Scheulen, Loose Creek in News

Dear Editor:

There seems to be some major concerns about farming, agriculture or agribusiness and I will gladly respond to all the provocative banter when all issues with Prop. B are resolved.

I am focused on abating the tragedy that is Prop. B.

Fact is that when voters passed Prop. B they thought that what they were voting for was better treatment for kenneled breeding dogs. If the voters had known what Prop. B would give rise to they never would have voted for it.

I'm just appalled at the lack of true concern that Prop. B supporters exhibit for the dogs now that Prop. B has passed and they are hiding behind legislative process. If voters passed a proposition dictating that we all jump off a cliff, would we all yield to the legislative process?

It was not the will of the people to have dogs killed and if Prop. B supporters would really listen they would effect a compromise. They are instead adamant about allowing it to stand as written and I have to wonder - why? Is the real motive of Prop. B to put dog breeders out of business without regard to the dogs themselves? They claim not - but actions speak louder than words.