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Your Opinion: Another response to Williams on guns

Your Opinion: Another response to Williams on guns

February 11th, 2011 by Larry Hager, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. Williams's comments on Jan. 13 and his rebuttal on Feb. 3 concerning gun control and the disastrous tragedy in Tucson.

Mr. Williams alludes to numerous issues with gun control and in his rebuttal asks for sources of statistics, but yet, he has failed to provide the readers with any source from which he arrived at his comments. Maybe it's just his personal opinion. I quote from the February 2011 issue of NRA American Hunter magazine several examples of citizens protecting themselves or others from harm. "From the Portland Press Herald, Portland Me. 11/24/10, WALA-TV, Mobile Al. 11/11/10, KVUE-TV, Austin TX. 11/14/10 and The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Daytona Beach, FL. Do your brief Internet search for the particulars.

You ask how we have more murders with the conceal/carry privilege in Missouri. It's not those people who are doing the crimes. I believe if you check you will find the states that have allowed conceal and carry privileges that the crime rate has dropped. Your brief search on the Internet will confirm these statistics if your really interested. Those with the mentality to do harm to others will do so with whatever it takes, knives, baseball bats, guns, etc. Do you want everything outlawed?

We have had laws for prohibition of alcohol and currently laws against usage of illegal drugs, etc. So even with these laws there is the black market where a person can stand on lots of street corners and get drugs. Common sense tells me that if guns were outlawed the same thing would occur on the street corners. In that case the criminals would have the guns and citizens would be not be capable of defending themselves

If all the laws that are now on the federal and state books were enforced to the extent that they should be we wouldn't need to consider more laws to outlaw guns. Keep the hardened criminals locked up instead of granting parole.

For millions of law-abiding gun owners I think you owe all of them an apology for your accusation that we all share the responsibility for murder. I also haven't seen any responses sharing your ideas.

A lot of what I have said is what I consider my common sense way of seeing the issue and I'm sure I haven't said anything to alleviate your warped way of thinking.