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YOUR OPINION: "Common good' in Christian teachings

YOUR OPINION: "Common good' in Christian teachings

February 8th, 2011 by Harold Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

Mr. Haslag's letter of response to mine (Feb. 1) is typical of virtually any response from liberals on any ideological issue, deflect and confuse but by all means don't give a clear answer. Since a liberal cannot make a case for their socialist/Marxist agenda to the logical, freedom-seeking mind they will almost always divert the argument to the emotional "common good" or "practical solution" position which no good Christian conservative can counter without sounding cruel.

The real argument is who should be the purveyor of the "practical solution or common good" and how it should be implemented. Granted, no one can argue that those terms are emotion winning for an ideological position to get elected to an office. My opinion is that God and the Bible should be the director through open and true Christian teachings rather than a bunch of bureaucrats hiding behind closed doors devising "practical solutions for the common good."

Mr. Haslag includes education as one of his "common goods." I'm glad he did, as the quality of education in this country is the perfect example of what happens when God's principles are discarded for the "common good" of political correctness as determined by the "practical solution" of the politicians and bureaucrats.

Our educational system has become one of the worst in the world and yet all the "practical solutions for the common good" that the bureaucrats and politicians can come up with as a solution is more money. What a joke. What's needed is more Christian teaching that brings respect for teachers and the development of a mature, responsible individual who can successfully support a Christian family.

I feel as do most Christian conservatives that the liberal Democrat party has become the party of government replacement of God with regard to determining "practical solutions and the common good" for the world. This humanistic belief is that man knows better than God how to manage the world. There can be no higher level of arrogance than this belief.

The words "common good and practical solution" are so subjective that for anyone to use them in my mind confirms their ideological belief that individuals are irrelevant and people, in the view of the governing elite, are only part of a larger unit. This in itself is in violation of God's law and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.