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Your Opinion: Link draws response

Your Opinion: Link draws response

February 4th, 2011 by Kristie Scheulen, Loose Creek in News

Dear Editor:

Upon reading Jeff Flemming's latest insult to meat, tying violence in our society to meat consumption, I laughed till I - well you know what some women do.

Then I thought maybe he's on to something. Meat is a major source of vitamin B-12, often called the energy vitamin. By removing red meat from our diet our energy would drop probably enough to keep us meek and mild.

By going a step further and replacing all of our animal protein with soy products we could raise our estrogen levels to the point that our male population would be unable to defend our country against the threats or invasion of Iran, North Korea or China, but as a nation we could all sit down and cry about it together.

Man has been violent since he first appeared, whatever theory you believe in. It's part of our DNA and is most likely what has kept mankind in existence.

I would vigorously disagree that our society is one of the most violent when genocide is still being practiced in some African countries, political unrest is rampant, we have the drug wars in Mexico and apparently every soccer match in Europe and South America causes a riot.

Violence does not seem to be a problem for vegetarians if it is justified to further their agenda. In the 70s and "80s research labs using animals were attacked, destroyed and even burned to the ground by animal rights groups who, by their own declarations, are vegetarians.

As for our children, honest discussion about where their food comes from would be welcome if it involved any truth. The truth does not make it into print and most people wouldn't recognize it because of all the junk that already has been printed.

Our animals do not live in horrific daily violence and slaughter is much more humane than anything Mother Nature has cooked up in the Circle of Life.

While parents are shielding their children from the desensitization to violence they should turn off all nature programs like "The Last Great Migration," "Animal Planet," or "Jack Hannah's Animals." Too much violence there too.

You are under the assumption that by eliminating animals from our diets then all will be right with the world. I think a little animal protein in your diet might help you think a little clearer.