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Your Opinion: Story reveals moral confusion

Your Opinion: Story reveals moral confusion

February 2nd, 2011 by Keith Davis, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I feel pity and shame as the story unfolds about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the doctor who operated the abortion clinic in Pittsburg where he "... frequently delivered late-term babies alive, ... then severed their spines with scissors ..."

One of his customers, Davida Johnson, paid him $400 in cash to make her baby go away, then lamented after the fact, "Did he do that to mine? Did he stab him in the neck? I don't know what he did to my baby." To me she seems to be without moral compass. Her response is like hiring a hit man and then decrying his shot placement.

"Gosnell, at his arraignment ... said he did not understand why he was being charged with eight counts of murder." With profound sadness, I can see his point. If you can cut up a baby any way you please so long as at least part of it is still in the birth canal (as in partial-birth abortion), then why is it legally different after the baby moves four or five inches farther?

"Tiny baby feet ... were discovered in specimen jars, lined up in a macabre collection." Can that collection be logically segregated into two groups; legally cut up babies, and illegally cut up babies?

There is an insane dichotomy ruling our land that adamantly refuses to admit the truth that children in the womb are just as sacred as those outside of it.

If you disagree with me, please follow closely the legal proceedings that lie ahead for Dr. Gosnell. You will find yourself tied up in knots trying to reconcile the position of your head with the position of your heart.

It grieves me that the slaying of unborn children is still a protected "right" in our land, and I feel pity for a nation so morally confused that it codifies such absurd distinction in order to justify it. May God hasten the day that we come to our senses.­