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Your Opinion: Dual aspects of Christmas

Your Opinion: Dual aspects of Christmas

December 7th, 2011 by Nelson Otto, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Every year about this time the old battle begins with those who say Jesus is the reason for the season and those who say it is a pagan offshoot and has nothing to do with Jesus.

I had planned to write about how it reminded me of an old argument my cousin and I had many years ago, about whose grandmother, grandma was. He said, "No, she's mine," and I'd argue back "no, she's mine" till it almost came to blows. Then I realized we were both right she was grandmother to us both.

As Christmas has both aspects, that is what I planned to write about, until yesterday. I was changing the light bulb in the ox of the nativity scene when a boy asked, "why do you have all this up," as he pointed to the nativity scene "this ain't Christmas, it looks more like Halloween."

So I told him, "Christmas was about the birth of the baby Jesus." It dawned on me the absolute injustice of it all. The schools are wiping out Christmas from their programs, and government expunging all signs of the Christian religion from public property.

Having the word Christmas, or displaying a nativity is not about promoting Christianity as much as it is sharing a part of our culture and heritage. Teaching the religious aspects of Christmas is part of teaching tolerance and understanding.

The USA and Christmas are melting pots of traditions and beliefs. It includes some pagan left overs like holly, ivy, mistletoe and wild shopping but it also includes the birth of a baby born in a manger.

To deny the Christian aspect of Christmas, and to try and wipe it out, is as wrong as all those people who are trying to take out the word gay from Christmas songs. Doing so leaves a piece out and makes everything a lot less diverse and less interesting.