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Your Opinion: Customer offers critique

Your Opinion: Customer offers critique

December 7th, 2011 by Beverly A. Shelton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Do we American citizens like the society we are becoming? What is happening to this once great and respected country. We can't seem to get along with anyone, even our own kind, and our government here in this town and elsewhere is sweeping us into ruination.

It bothers me that we have fast become a needy-greedy nation and everyone has his hand out - the merchants and the citizens.

Paying taxes and seeing it squandered by socalled bigwigs and others who don't appear to be knowledgeable in managerial responsibilities and duties but who are handed their positions because of their connections with those higher up on the totem pole hurts all of us.

It would certainly be an eye-opener for some of the stores in this small town if a similar characteristic expose were conducted through a newspaper series of its citizens with relation to the good and bad things about the local stores. It could be interesting reading and maybe, I rather doubt it however, just maybe might open the eyes of the retailers as to why the local citizens shop in Columbia, the Lake area, and not only by mail but in Bloomingdale's and Nieman-Marcus and other localities as well. Our local paper should give it a try.

One characteristic that bothers so many of us when we go into one of the stores at the mall is that free speech is being stifled which seems like another of our freedoms is being taken away from us. And it seems ironic that it has gone from the customer is always right to the young sales clerk is always right. People should have a right to express his/her opinion regarding a clerk's proper attire and other matters facing our society. Playing up to management in order to rate a higher position in the store is noticeable and is not a good trait to show to other employees and to customers.

No local citizen should ever be deprived of free speech or expression in any of the stores, uptown or elsewhere.

The merchants try to instill in the citizens that we should buy locally to help the economy. Then, why oh why, is one of the local banks and a travel agency here in this town arranging trips to China to help their economy?

Charity should begin at home and merchants should not be preaching to us about spending our money at home when other businesses are sending out brochures advertising trips to the far-flung oriental country. Very strange and un-American on their part.