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Your Opinion: Diatribe against NRA full of mistruths

Your Opinion: Diatribe against NRA full of mistruths

December 1st, 2011 by James L. Albin, Tipton in News

Dear Editor:

I always read the editorial page of the News Tribune with interest. A recent column by Dan Thomasson caught my attention. This diatribe against the NRA is full of mistruths.

The NRA has fought for the incarceration of criminals who break the law. They pushed for the three strikes and you're out sentencing to keep repeat offenders behind bars instead of turning them loose to prey on society.

He used the statement of sensible gun laws when in fact most of the gun laws pushed for by the present administration in Washington are unreasonable and will have no effect on crime. Criminals do not obey the law; that's why they are criminals. The only ones who would be affected would be the law-abiding citizens.

Now 49 states have some form of right to carry laws on the books. The anti-gun element of which Mr. Thomasson evidently supports, opposed these sensible laws by claiming there would be a bloodbath and a return to the Old West days. That did not happen and violent crime has dropped in those states.

I don't think we want in America what has happened in Great Britain and Australia where the citizens have no right to defend themselves. In many instances those who have tried to defend themselves from invaders of their property find themselves arrested and sent to jail, while the criminal is set free.

If we lose the right to defend ourselves we will be reduced to a vassal state where our fate will be determined by whomever is in control of the government.