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Your Opinion: We must consider the facts

Your Opinion: We must consider the facts

August 9th, 2011 by Tony Smith, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

In our public discourse facts just seem to not matter. In a recent letter Steven Brown took exception to G.W. Bush having any responsibility for today's economic mess. He said he was not as smart as some and that he did not research his letter, but he asserted that Democrats held both houses of Congress and therefore Mr. Bush was blameless. Mean old hippy left coast Democrats were to blame.

The fact is that Republicans held both houses of Congress until 2007 when post-Katrina failures most likely allowed Democrats to gain a slim margin of success and hold control of Congress. Of course, they did little with this advantage.

Sure Mr. Brown is probably a good person. He may give to charities and attend church regularly. But, Mr. Brown, is it so hard to use facts to support your argument?

The national news media is a disaster. Who can blame the Mr. Browns for their confusion? The New York Times did not publish one serious article explaining the debt wrangling until two days before the vote. The one page article was a confusing mishmash. Without facts in the public sphere, citizens fall back on slogans and talk radio propaganda. Who is to blame?

America now has a bogus deal cut on a manufactured debt crisis. There are many angry columns from writers who did nothing to inform the Mr. Browns of the world that government revenue is the problem not debt reduction alone. The government as a family analogy is false logic. Families cannot print money or go to war. Solutions are not as simple as Mr. Brown dreams.

Most of us have intelligent friends who are just thinking that it's about time everything got back on track. These people have good jobs and are very much out of touch with the millions of Americans now being thrown under the bus for a mythical shared sacrifice. Until people like that realize that it's not "Morning In America" anymore, this country will continue to drift.

This seems very much like Germany in the 1930s. Our economy is in a very fragile state. If we have a meltdown now, life in America could become very ugly. Unlike the Mr. Browns of the world, we need to look at the facts before us. Personal denial will not save us from the power elites stealing our public wealth.