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Your Opinion: "Outlandish' island project

Your Opinion: "Outlandish' island project

April 17th, 2011 by Beverly A. Shelton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Citizens of this community have been opposed to the concept of transferring Adrian's Island to a tourist attraction from the word go. This business of the City Council's voting for such a project indicates another controversial issue their members are trying to force upon us.

If the powers that be can't seem to build a bridge over the river, they now are giving some thought to building of all things a tunnel under the river. This reminds this writer of "To grandmother's house we will go" in one form or another.

We should not forget the bluffs across the river. We will always be protected by them in storms or will they too come tumbling down in an earthquake upheaval.

Normally I am not a gloomy person but we citizens have to see the overall picture as the council members do not appear to be doing any thoughtful or long-range thinking in their capacity as a governing body. Mother Nature is quite an unpredictable force to be reckoned with constantly.

This writer has seen flooding of some magnitude and has personal pictures to prove this fact. She is not just whistling Dixie. Flood pictures showing the Mill Bottom in its flood stages figure quite vividly as well in other pictures.

If this strange scenario falls by the wayside, what will be next. Will they try to come up with the outlandish ideas of a possible ski lift over the river or maybe even canoes to transport tourists, even residents, across the river. Money will be charged of course. Nothing will be free so the businesses can be helped.

A number of years ago more than 30, 40, or even 50 as some have informed me, the citizens voted down this idea overwhelmingly and here we go again.

Remember how riverboat gambling failed when put to a vote of the people. Even the minority bringing in the Las Vegas headliner himself, Wayne Newton, failed to impress Jefferson City voters. Down to defeat when the proposal.

The leaders at that time certainly appeared more levelheaded and far more intelligent and attuned to the everyday person, even though a little older and certainly more mature than the so-called young professionals and a few others at the current time.

Personally I find this business of upgrading Adrian's Island to be a cockeyed idea. Let it fall by the wayside as many of the far out ideas of today seem to be in this community. Good and clear thinking should prevail in matters that should not even be brought to the forefront.

Fiddlesticks to the workings of this City Council and their strange and outlandish projects.