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Your Opinion: Fair Tax #3

Your Opinion: Fair Tax #3

April 13th, 2011 by Geraldean M. McMillin, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The advocates of the so-called Fair Tax define the word fair as a situation wherein all classes are taxed at the same rate. Clearly in this case this is an acceptable definition. But it should be noted that it is only one of many meanings of the word fair. My dictionary has many definitions and synonyms. Just to name a few, it includes just, equitable, impartial, unbiased, free from favor toward either side, what is right and proper, etc.

Obviously, in this case fair tax does mean equal, as evidenced by one provision that allows for a prebate for the poor. Apparently, there is recognition that the burden of the fair tax is unequal and therefore in this sense not really fair to everyone.

To what extent is the cost of basic needs such as housing, food, medicine, clothing, etc. taken into consideration? If the cost to the rich for necessities is determined to be less than, say five percent (just a guess) and it is more than 100 percent of the income for the poorest among us, how is this fair? Does this mean that the prebate will be large enough to equal the burden on the poor? From what I have read the prebate will not close the gap but I do not know the details.

As I understand it, the current progressive tax that rises as income rises was instituted to make taxes more equitable. As time has passed the tax code has been adjusted to allow more and more deduction so that those who are being favored pay less than their income would otherwise require. Perhaps, if most (if not all) of the deductions and loopholes were removed the resulting tax code would be more free from favor to all sides. I would support such changes, including those that now apply to me.

So far I have not been persuaded that the proposed Fair Tax meets my understanding of what is in the best interest of justice, equality, and what is free from favor towards all classes. It seems to me to ease the burden on the richest and increases the burden on the poorest.