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Your Opinion: Nation needs better tax code

Your Opinion: Nation needs better tax code

April 8th, 2011 by Tom Suttles, Guthrie in News

Dear Editor:

In 933 B.C. King Rehoboam made the following fateful decision:

"Whereas my father did lade you a heavy yoke (taxes), I will add to your yoke: my father hath chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions." 1 Kings 12:11

The Bible indicates that King Rehoboam, against the advice of his old men, placed an unfair taxing system on ancient Israel thereby causing the people to rebel and his kingdom to split. Even today as in biblical times, an unfair taxing system with "scorpions" can destroy a nation.

Ask yourself this question. What type of tax code would an enemy design for America to self-destruct our economy and bring us to the brink of bankruptcy? Guess what? It would be the same as the current income tax. American is in a death struggle with foreign powers, such as China, that are projected to overtake us economically. Our nation needs every advantage battling these rising world powers - especially a better tax code.

In 1994 some patriotic businessmen in Texas worrying about America competing in the world saw an urgent need for replacing the income tax. They raised $17 million to hire respected economists and tax experts to come up with a taxing system that is fair and promises a fresh era of economic growth. The result of their efforts is called the Fair Tax.

The Fair Tax purges the "scorpions" of the income tax by taxing consumption of goods and services at the final point of sale instead of taxing work, savings, and investments. This approach promotes productivity - an estimated 10.9 percent increase in GDP after 10 years - and eliminates the problem of double taxation. Also, taxing consumption will rid these obvious dead weights from our economy:

• Standing army of IRS bureaucrats used for collecting income taxes.

• Countless accountants and lawyers hired by corporate and individual taxpayers for preparing tax returns.

• Hordes of lobbyists hired by corporations for influencing congress on taxes.

Please find out about the Fair Tax and determine for yourself whether it can work and make America stronger. A weak economy can only doom our nation to go the way of ancient Israel. God help us!