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Your Opinion: Lawmakers praised for Proposition B changes

Your Opinion: Lawmakers praised for Proposition B changes

April 5th, 2011 by Donald Butzlaff, New Bloomfield in News

Dear Editor:

Thank you lawmakers for your diligence making Prop. B a workable program. It doesn't destroy a billion dollar industry, from pet stores, pet food manufacturers, veterinarian, vet techs and the people who create this industry.

We don't need more duplication of laws. We don't need government dictating how many animals a person may have to eliminate abuse. We already have the Department of Agriculture and veterinarians at local levels who will report/help remove any type of animals that are not being taken care of.

I do not know of any citizen of this country who would like to be dictated needless government mandates. How about we only drive a blue car if we live on the left side of the street or a red car if we live on the right side of the street.

Does any intelligent person think that by limiting the number of dogs a pet industry person has will limit abuses. It's just another useless law nobody cares about. Time wasted by our lawmakers that could be better spent elsewhere. The animal abuse job is already being handled by our Department of Agriculture.

The humane society has a lot of people who work very hard to take care of animal abuse. It also has people who don't have a clue as to what animal abuse is. To be fair there are people everywhere whose ideas of proper care is different than the person across the road. A government mandate won't change that. Our lawmakers have to evaluate and put into place meaningful laws unlike an old law in Massachusetts that makes it illegal to hold hands in public. Somebody has to use common sense. About 15 years ago the Humane Society tried to slip a provision in as a rider provision with another bill that was totally unrelated. The add on provision wanted to eliminate spay, neuter, declaw of pets, castration of pigs and cattle, dehorning of cattle and when the Missouri Cattlemen's Association found out about it they fought it tooth and nail to have it removed. The financial losses would have been tremendous. Another useless law prevented. Thanks again to our lawmakers for their common sense.