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Your Opinion: Response on immigration

Your Opinion: Response on immigration

December 15th, 2010 by Robert Haslag, Centertown in News

Dear Editor:

Response to Sylvester Kesel, part three:

Since you did not repudiate my original posting that Democrats in Congress demonstrably provide more legislative support for veterans than Republicans, I assume you accept that premise.

On immigration, you countered that crime was a sidebar. Though irrelevant to you, Arizona's governor and legislators repeatedly used fear and crime to vindicate the law and justify passage. Statistics do not support that assumption as I stated.

Your response relies upon the premise that illegals are a net drain and need to be deported or entry prevented to increase investment in the homeless, infrastructure and health care.

First as to the drain, I wonder who among us would accept back-breaking jobs in agriculture picking fruits and vegetables and performing many of the nasty jobs that we just will not do at far below minimum wage under horrendous conditions.

I suggest Mr. Kesel investigate a raid conducted in Postville, Iowa, in May 2008. Facts again! There is an economic trade here and our agricultural system and the food we eat are our benefit.

On prevention and enforcement, this president has significantly increased border agents, National Guard assistance and deportations. Mr. Kesel will never hear Fox tout that.

Regarding the proposal of shipping them back, I wonder if Mr. Kesel can imagine the visuals of a national effort to gather 10-15 million illegals for deportation.

The economics, structure and infrastructure of such an effort would be brutal and images would recall another gathering of the unwanted that occurred between 1936-1945 among the Jews of Europe. The idea sounds great but the implementation would appall us.

Rather than addressing the tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, Mr. Kesel insists unions are critically responsible for our economic woes and the auto industry bailout was a union bailout. Fact: unions in contract after contract have conceded benefits and pay in multiple industries as responsible partners with employers. Fact: if the government had not "bailed out" GM and Chrysler, the common estimate is possibly irreparable damage to one of our last vital industries and unemployment among manufacturers and suppliers would added 1.5 million to our unemployed. By the way, the investment seems to have worked out rather well.

As for his support of Republicans whom he trusts for social services, infrastructure and health care. Ask the first responders of 9/11 whose health care Republicans denied on Dec. 8.