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Added response to Haslag

Added response to Haslag

December 4th, 2010 by Sylvester Kesel St. Elizabeth in News

Dear Editor:

Mr. Haslag, in my previous letter critiquing your response to my original letter, I did not have the space to address all of my concerns.

You addressed me by my first name in your response. In my upbringing, you do not use a person's first name until you have been introduced and have established at least a minimal relationship with that person. To the best of my knowledge, I have never met you or even passed you on the street. I think that you are taking liberties with what may be extended to you as for as I am concerned.

You introduced illegal immigration into the conversation. Arizona's "draconian" (your word) law merely mirrors federal law. It is my contention that crime rates are just a sidebar to the issue.

The overriding issue is the huge amount of money being spent on illegal aliens, i.e. health care, schooling, housing, incarceration etc.

If the illegal aliens were sent back to where they came from or at least stopped from crossing our border, we could use the tax dollars being spent on them to upgrade our infrastructure, aid our homeless, improve the health care of legal Americans.

You speak of GE and other large companies not paying taxes and imply that it should not be so. I would ask you, why was it okay for the government to steal shares from the stockholders of two major auto manufacturers to give them to the unions who helped put them in the mess they were in.

As I see it, stealing shares from the stockholders and giving them to the unions to fund their depleted gold-plated pension funds is not right either.

Had the unions behaved responsibly and not spent their pension funds on political activity and harassing non union companies they would not have to be bailed out.

Where is Chrysler and GM on your list of companies not paying taxes? Are you going to berate the unions who own a large percentage of Chrysler and GM for not paying taxes?

Wake Up America.