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Holts Summit to discuss several ordinances Thursday

Holts Summit to discuss several ordinances Thursday

March 20th, 2018 by Seth Wolfmeyer in Local News

The Holts Summit Municipal Center is located on South Summit Drive in Holts Summit.

Photo by Seth Wolfmeyer /News Tribune.

Four proposed ordinances are listed on the agenda for the Holts Summit Board of Alderman work session Thursday, including the final vote on an ordinance that would approve a change to the city's zoning code dealing with mobile homes.

The agenda also includes a discussion on an ordinance allowing the use of UTVs and golf carts on city streets and on raising the salaries for the mayor and aldermen positions. In addition, a first reading of a proposed smoking ordinance is planned, which would limit smoking on public property. The aldermen also will have a first look at an ordinance to regulate drone use within city limits.

City Administrator Rick Hess said two closed sessions to review candidates and plan interviews for the city administrator position are on the agenda as well. It is likely the aldermen will make an offer to a candidate within the next few weeks, before Hess retires.

The proposed zoning changes have reached a final vote after several months of debate. The changes would bring additional requirements and restrictions to new mobile home parks and mobile homes in the city.

During a board meeting earlier this month, Blake Markus — an attorney representing mobile home parks in the area — voiced approval for the ordinance. The aldermen also told one resident the city would work with her after she brought concerns of how the ordinance would affect her property.

The proposed ordinance to allow the use of UTVs and golf carts on city streets in Holts Summit was created after Hess and Police Chief Kyle McIntyre brought the idea to the board during a March 8 meeting.

"I don't see it being a traffic problem to allow people to use UTVs or golf carts," McIntyre said at the meeting. "I know residents of Lake Mykee patrol their area with golf carts."

Hess said the ordinance would require drivers to have a valid driver's license, a horn, lights and "everything that you would need to be safely on the streets."

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Several city departments in Holts Summit have begun using UTVs as transportation around the city, Hess added, which is partly the reason for the creation of the ordinance.

Discussion on raising the salaries of the mayor and aldermen positions is planned because wages for the positions have not changed in about 10 years, Hess said. Currently, he said, aldermen are paid $200 and the mayor $500.

Due to a state statute, elected officials cannot directly give themselves a raise. Hess said if the aldermen do decide to raise the salaries, it would not take hold until the next election for a position. To avoid having different salary schedules at once, Hess said, the city attorney recommended scheduling any increases to take place in 2020.

The first read on an ordinance to limit smoking is planned after being discussed at several board meetings. The ordinance would ban smoking in public areas, including parks, but also would establish smoking areas. It also would allow business to decide whether to designate themselves as non-smoking.

A first look at an ordinance regulating drone use comes after Hess posted a rough draft of the ordinance on the city's Facebook page to get comments from residents. After feedback from local drone operators and more research, he said, it is ready to go in front of the board.

"Our city attorney likes it, city prosecutor likes it," Hess said. "I've sent it out to several drone pilots; they're going, 'This is good; this gives you what you need or what you can do.'"