Jefferson City Budget

Council to discuss pay of elected officials

The Jefferson City Council will discuss a proposal to nearly eliminate the pay for city elected officials, but whether the bill will gain momentum is questionable.

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Committee still discussing JCTV’s future

One week after the city opted not to terminate its contract with JCTV, council members are continuing discussions on what the future may hold for the station.

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Councilman considers offering bill to reduce elected officials' pay

One Jefferson City council member is considering whether to offer a bill to nearly eliminate the salary of the city’s elected officials.

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Why is Jefferson City's budget short?

E-mails note incorrect projections, falling sales tax revenues to blame

A series of city emails obtained by the News Tribune note incorrect projections and falling sales tax revenues are to blame for Jefferson City's $1.68 million shortfall in the current fiscal year budget.

City has dipped substantially into reserves

But fund balance still within normal ranges, city officials say

Jefferson City’s fund balance has shrunk substantially in the past few months, but its current balance is not out of the norm for previous years.

E-mail: Successor for city administrator was sought

Public works director was asked to step in as interim

Last month, Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph presented his evaluation of City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus’ job performance in closed session. The city’s public works director had been approached about replacing Nickolaus.

7 city workers opt for early outs

Jefferson City officials are getting more response than they counted on from the city’s early retirement program. By Thursday, it had seven employees retiring.

Cynova takes early retirement from JCPD

Police captain has served for 30 years

When he started work at the Jefferson City Police Department in 1983, Bob Cynova’s goal was to make captain and work 30 years in the department.

Reader Poll: How should Jefferson City make up for the budget shortfall?

What's your opinion on the budget shortfall? How should Jefferson City begin closing the $1.68 million deficit?

City seeks to boost morale of employees

In the midst of tackling a $1.68 million budget shortfall, Jefferson City officials are trying to address the morale of city employees.

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Council, staff define what they see as most important city services

The Jefferson City Council on Monday night is preparing to approve $1.68 million in budget cuts, which has caused some discussion about what city services are essential.

City departments outline how they’ll handle cuts

Every department in Jefferson City Hall is looking at cuts of some kind to help manage a $1.68 million budget shortfall, but some departments have been hit harder than others.

Our Opinion: Turn off city government contribution to JCTV

News Tribune editorial

The Jefferson City Council is scheduled to vote Monday on whether to shut off its contribution to the public access channel, JCTV. We encourage council members to do so.

Latest Package of Budget Cuts

The latest budget-cut package to address a $1.68 million budget shortfall will come before the City Council on Monday.

Initial budget-cut package

The city administrator e-mailed this proposed budget-cut package to address the $1.68 million budget shortfall to the mayor and City Council on Feb. 22.

Jefferson City Budget