Jefferson City Budget

Jefferson City gears up for 2014 budget work

Jefferson City staff are well into planning for the 2014 fiscal year, with City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus expected to give his proposed budget to the mayor by May 15.

11 city employees retiring early

Jefferson City municipal government will see more savings than anticipated through its early retirement program, with 11 city employees taking part.

Council restores transit funds

The Jefferson City Council has approved a resolution restoring $55,000 to the city’s transit division and avoiding a three-hour midday break in service.

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JC sales tax revenue falls below lowered projections

After approving a series of budget cuts and lowering sales tax projections to deal with a $1.68 million budget shortfall, Jefferson City’s sales tax numbers still are not meeting projections.

Transit funds may be restored Monday

Councilman looks to offer resolution

The Jefferson City Council likely will take action Monday to restore funds to the city’s transit division and avoid a midday break in service.

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JeffTran riders fight cuts

Public hearings set for this week on transit system

Planned cuts to Jefferson City’s transit system have riders and supporters mobilizing. A proposed break would stop all transit service, including Handi Wheels, from 11:20 a.m.-2:40 p.m. each day.

Transit cost-share discussed with school district

Jefferson City officials are discussing a possible cost-share agreement with the school district to continue after-school tripper routes on the city’s transit system.

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Parks escaped most Jefferson City budget cuts

With own funding source, city department was in unique position

Because of the Jefferson City parks sales tax, the Parks Department largely maintains its own operational budget, with very little general revenue. That situation meant it had little to fear in terms of cuts.

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Police defend size, scope of police car fleet

An arresting debate

The Jefferson City Police Department is dealing with cuts to overtime to help make up a city budget shortfall, but some community members would rather see cuts to the number and size of the department’s cars.

Poll: Should Jefferson City council members be paid?

The Jefferson City Council will discuss a proposal to nearly eliminate the pay for city elected officials, but whether the bill will gain momentum is questionable.

Council to discuss pay of elected officials

The Jefferson City Council will discuss a proposal to nearly eliminate the pay for city elected officials, but whether the bill will gain momentum is questionable.

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Committee still discussing JCTV’s future

One week after the city opted not to terminate its contract with JCTV, council members are continuing discussions on what the future may hold for the station.

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Councilman considers offering bill to reduce elected officials' pay

One Jefferson City council member is considering whether to offer a bill to nearly eliminate the salary of the city’s elected officials.

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Why is Jefferson City's budget short?

E-mails note incorrect projections, falling sales tax revenues to blame

A series of city emails obtained by the News Tribune note incorrect projections and falling sales tax revenues are to blame for Jefferson City's $1.68 million shortfall in the current fiscal year budget.

City has dipped substantially into reserves

But fund balance still within normal ranges, city officials say

Jefferson City’s fund balance has shrunk substantially in the past few months, but its current balance is not out of the norm for previous years.

Jefferson City Budget