Jefferson City Budget

Alpla looks for tax exemption from city

Alpla is seeking a city exemption to allow for a cap on the amount it would have to pay to the city in gross utility taxes. A city official said if the exemption were granted to the plastic bottle manufacturer, the city would lose $40,000 annually.

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Jefferson City Council to discuss JCTV metrics

Jefferson City staff will begin working with JCTV to come up with a list of metrics to help measure the success of the station. Metrics have been added to the city’s contract with the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

City sales tax exceeds projections

July receipts come in $74,000 above projections

For the first time since March, Jefferson City’s general sales tax receipts have exceeded projections. 2nd Ward Councilman Shawn Schulte said July receipts for the 1 percent general sales tax came in $74,000 above the city’s projection of $797,780.

Parks commission approves 2014 budget

Includes measures to prepare for Lockwood's retirement

The Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Commission has approved its 2014 budget, which includes an added expenditure of more than $63,000 to fund the creation of a new deputy director of the department. It now goes to the City Council for consideration.

JC faces declining property tax revenues

Officials cite an increase in tax delinquencies

Jefferson City is facing declining revenue for the coming fiscal year, and one area of revenue that is predicted to fall is property taxes. City officials say the declining taxes are not tied to declining values, but more due to a decrease in collections.

Cities try to get creative with revenue ideas

City administrator identifies five possibilities of new revenue

Jefferson City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus is identifying new ways for the city to find revenue. The possibilities are a transportation tax, a 911 charge on phones, a use tax, raising the property tax or creating a storm water utility.

Jefferson City sales tax continues to miss projections

Jefferson City’s sales tax revenues are continuing to fall below projections, even after city officials lowered sales tax expectations. May's report shows the 1% general sales tax came in $30,074 below projections.

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City considers adding metrics to JCTV contract

JCTV’s contract may be undergoing some changes as members of the Jefferson City Council look to add in metrics to measure the station’s success.

Budget pruning may cut close to home

Property owners may bear the brunt of cutbacks

A proposed ordinance being considered by Jefferson City officials would place responsibility for streetside tree maintenance in most of the city onto the property owners.

Capital City has unique economy, lags in recovery

Jefferson City officials to explore new revenue sources

Jefferson City is projecting flat sales tax revenues in the next fiscal year, while the state and many other Missouri cities are seeing their numbers grow.

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What will 2014 look like for Jefferson City budget?

City administrator’s budget lays out cuts, new procedures

Jefferson City is facing another dismal fiscal year, and City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus said people likely will feel the effects in the more basic city services. Last week, Nickolaus revealed his draft of the 2014 budget, which is the first step in a months-long process to get to an approved budget.

Jefferson City official to release first draft of 2014 budget

Concerns raised about ‘false expectations’ of administrator’s draft

For the first time, City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus is expected to release his 2014 budget draft publicly when he submits it to Mayor Eric Struemph later this month.

Funds for Jefferson City's Salute to America restored

A City Council-approved cut to the budget of Salute to America turned out to not be a cut at all. Though a $5,000 cut was approved, the event still is receiving the full $10,000, with half of it being transferred from a special events fund.

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City explores which transit system would serve capital best

Fixed vs. flex

As Jefferson City looks to continue its discussions on the future of its transit system, one city official has brought up the idea of switching the type of system the city operates to a flex-route system, rather than fixed routes.

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Missouri cities handle transit systems, funding differently

Who’s driving the bus?

Jefferson City is looking to re-evaluate its transit system and see if changes need to made. Several other Missouri cities operate transit systems using a variety of methods and funding mechanisms.

Jefferson City Budget