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Studies add more evidence of Zika’s risk to pregnant women

The Zika virus may be linked to a wider variety of “grave outcomes” for developing babies than previously reported — threats that can come at any stage of pregnancy, researchers reported Friday.

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Let your boss track your fitness, get an Apple Watch

You know you need to exercise more, but there’s always next week, or the week after. To entice you to stop procrastinating, your company or insurer might soon reward you for wearing a fitness device to track your steps, heart rate and more.

Funding for University of Missouri reactor makes progress

A state representative says she'll attempt to find $10 million for new training and classroom space at University of Missouri's research reactor.

Healthy Life: Soup for health

For many of us, the beginning of a new year brings renewed resolutions to improve overall health. These soups enlist the help of certain spices to add flavor as well as serve special health needs.

Snacks nation: Food makers turning everything into snacks

There are no meals anymore, only snacks.

Healthy Life: ‘Mindful eating’ as food for thought

Mindful eating is a non-dieting approach to weight management. It is being more aware of your eating habits, the sensations you experience when you eat, and the thoughts and emotions that you have about food. It is more about how you eat than what you eat.

Frugal Foodie: Rethink snacking for energy boost, weight control

Do you snack when you feel stressed or bored or just when you’re hungry? What foods do you snack on?

Healthy Life: It's a wonderful time for citrus

In the Midwest we think of “in season” as solely those few late spring to early fall months. We often forget that a whole array of wonderful tropical fruits are in season when there are snow, ice and cold winds outside our windows.

Healthy Life: Supplements: myths, facts

It can be hard to figure out which supplement is the best, so here are some myths and facts about supplements that will help you find your best option.

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Johnson & Johnson, ViaCyte testing possible diabetes cure

Johnson & Johnson, continuing its long quest for a Type 1 diabetes cure, is joining forces with biotech company ViaCyte to speed development of the first stem cell treatment that could fix the life-threatening hormonal disorder.

Healthy Life: Listen to Mom; eat your veggies

The advice I find myself giving most often to my patients (and friends and family) is to increase their intake of non-starchy vegetables.

Healthy Life: Oats are not a boring option

Oatmeal can serve as a low-cost, healthy and satisfying option for breakfast or any meal of the day. Most importantly, this traditional breakfast option is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.

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Health care fines press millenials as sign-up deadline nears

Millions of young adults healthy enough to think they don’t need insurance face painful choices this year as the sign-up deadline approaches for President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Healthy Life: Don't forget Vitamin D

Vitamin D has become a subject of great interest to researchers and many others looking at ways to be healthier.

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Ready2Eat: Red beans, cauliflower 'rice' cuts carbs

At the beginning of each new year, we are bombarded with slogans and suggestions for weight loss, getting fit and other “new” resolutions. How about resolving to make changes one step at a time? Step 1: Let’s eat real food.

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For fitness-filled 2016, resolve to make realistic, long-lasting change

It’s mid-January making it easy to think: “It’s too late to make any resolutions now, better luck next year.”

Launching cancer moonshot, Biden says politics impeding cure

Vice President Joe Biden launched a “moonshot” initiative Friday to hasten a cure for cancer, aiming to use his final year in office to break down barriers in the medical world he says are holding back progress on eradicating the dreaded disease.

Healthy Life: Welcome all guests to the dinner table

January is a fresh start to a new year and means a fresh start to many diets. However, some family members might already be adopting a new diet that involves food allergies.

Deadline looms for federal health exchange

Free Columbia call center to assist in sign-up process

Three weeks are left to sign up for health insurance through the federal exchange.

Tax error complicates financial help for some with Obamacare

About 1.4 million households that got financial help for health insurance under President Barack Obama's law failed to properly account for it on their tax returns last year, putting their subsidies at risk if they want to keep coverage.