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Jefferson City Landmarks

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Exchange Bank clock has survived 96 years and one truck crash

Literally, a landmark — the freestanding clock at the corner of High and Madison streets in downtown Jefferson City — has been a rendezvous location for businessmen and a point of reference for visitors for 80 years.

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State Street buildings all that remain of 1800s female seminary

Once a place to educate young women in the finer points of knowledge and etiquette, today the Greek Revival-style buildings at 416-420 E. State St. are a reference for those learning about revitalization.

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Family adds modern touches, but keeps character of historic Ott home

'I always told Mom I would live in this house'

Heiress to the “lumber doctor,” Stacia Mills admired her aunt’s Jefferson City home, while she was growing up across the street.

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Still blossoming after 121 years

Busch’s Florist is Jefferson City’s oldest retail business

One hundred years ago, Jefferson City South Side shoppers would buy their long-stemmed flowers after a bit of conversation inside Busch’s Florist.

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Hess House is beautifully preserved example of ordinary person’s home

Simple, yet distinctive

Most of the homes still standing today that existed in Jefferson City during the Civil War are grander homes of prominent community leaders.

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St. Peter School served generations of students — and even some state lawmakers

Designated as Jefferson City Landmark

St. Peter Interparish School in Jefferson City prepares its students for the future with means like its computer lab. But the parochial school’s oldest building, where the lab is, also houses a piece of the community and state’s history.

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Five generations have called Landwehr farmhouse home

The white, wrap-around porch of the Landwehr Dairy Farm has been featured in many a family photo. Even owners Eric and Stacy Landwehr had their wedding photos taken there.

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Jefferson Street landmark has seen a variety of tenants

From bottled water to bicycles

When Don Meyer opened J&D Bicycle Shop 38 years ago, Jefferson Street was a bustling traffic artery, lined with commercial business.

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Cole County Sheriff’s House has seen a lot of changes over the years

Probably quite a grand perk to the job of county sheriff in the 1930s, the two-story limestone home was built adjacent to his workplace. The Cole County Sheriff’s House was built equal to other prominent homes of the era, like along Moreau Heights, said jail superintendent Russ Bemboom. And the wives often served as cooks for the Cole County jail.

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Storefront witnesses renewed interest in downtown Jefferson City living

What might Jefferson City storefront owners or those living in the rooms above have seen in the early 1860s, when the combination building at 111-113 E. High St. is thought to have been built?

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Coca-Cola building has stood since 1892 and will ‘continue to be’

Building an enduring legacy

The large sign on Whitton Expressway has come to be a community symbol. And this week, the Cops on Top fundraiser for Special Olympics Missouri showed how the site also has created traditions.

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Doubletree Hotel chock full of history

Not very old but unique

Across the downtown skyline, only the Capitol stands taller than the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton — Jefferson City.

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Robert Young home dates to 1872

Landmark home of Civil War veteran and physician

As redevelopment of the Missouri State Penitentiary grows in momentum, so the Jefferson City neighborhood surrounding it will see revitalization too. But this is not the first time the neighborhood has seen a facelift.

Already a city Landmark winner, Housing Unit 1 has been nominated for the National Register of Historic Places

H-Hall history

The design of a premier architect of the time, Housing Unit 1 is an ominous structure for all who look upon the gateway building to the Missouri State Penitentiary.

Miller Performing Arts Center

When the Jefferson City High School alma mater refers to “... The Red and Black will always wave over JC, JC ...,” it may not be repetition for musical affect.

To preserve the historic building, the Wallendorf Cabin was moved to a new location

On the move

With ties to agriculture through early German immigrants and to national history through a Civil War battle that almost was, the Wallendorf Log Home certainly is a historic city Landmark.

Landmark leftovers

An exotic escape once grew along Moreau Drive, hidden in a sunken garden behind the century-old home built by William and Katheryn Mueller.

Old Munichburg renovation earns Landmark designation

John Nieghorn left his home in Bavaria to settle in Mid-Missouri in the mid-1840s. The tailor took up farming when he married a local lady, Anna Schubert.

Washington Park Arts building, a recent recipient of Landmark status, lets families chase their artistic dreams

Building a true work of art

When the Jefferson City Host Lions Club sponsored the Works Progress Administration to build a limestone pavilion at Washington Park, it was a place for families to picnic and an improvement to the city’s parks system.

Six buildings designated Landmarks

Young artists, writers honored for works

Family homes, an original fixture to a neighborhood business district, correctional facilities and a Works Projects Administration project have been included in the city’s list of local historic Landmarks.