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Jefferson City Landmarks

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House on Rich Man’s Hill

Porth House is one of the few Jefferson City homes that date before the Civil War

The intersection of Bolivar and Main streets in Jefferson City has been a bustling commercial district for going on two centuries. William Porth's home was built on the tall hill which greeted travelers crossing the Missouri River bridge in the 1800s.

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Historical society building has history all its own

Reconstruction and repurposing could sum up the lasting contributions made by Missouri’s 20th governor, Benjamin Gratz Brown. In addition to involvement in construction of the Governor's Mansion, Brown had 3 row houses built across the street, a portion of which now houses the Cole County Historical Society.

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Landmark represents German craftsmanship, faith, culture in capital

A Jefferson City Landmark and a fine example of the German architectural style, the Buehrle House at 707 Washington St. has held love and beauty.

From hotel to office building, its name is constant: Governor

The Governor Office Building, once the Hotel Governor, has two historic legacies. The first began in the 1940s as a central and essential hotel, serving as meeting place for political, business and romantic liaisons.

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Dispensing medicine and history

After 108 years in the same location, East End Drug still maintains a ’50s aura

Safely tucked away in the basement of East End Drug in Jefferson City were the original stools to the soda fountain counter.

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Former grocery store offers tale of American dream

An immigrant love story, a neighborhood staple and a safe place in a tumultuous social era — the two-story brick commercial building at 423 E. Miller St. truly is a Jefferson City Landmark.

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Old Fire Station 2: Classic Americana now, cutting edge in 1935

Perhaps millions of feet of hose have been used in training up and down the city’s first drill tower for fire service.

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Riverview Cemetery is Jefferson City’s newest Landmark

Resting place of history

Many public servants are memorialized at Riverview Cemetery in Jefferson City. Some survived the Civil War, others immigrated here after that dividing point in Missouri history and others were pioneers long before the 1860s.

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Landmark home associated with prison for 103 years

Convict labor formed bricks and carved limestone on site at the Missouri State Penitentiary to erect the warden’s home at 700 E. Capitol Ave. in 1888.

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Oscar Burch House has seen numerous changes over years

The rough-edged limestone steps at the front door of the Oscar Burch House were carved from the oncefive acres owned by the namesake and his brother Nelson Burch.

Oscar Burch among 19th century stalwarts

Oscar Burch was “one of the most substantial citizens of Jefferson City,” according to “The Illustrated Sketch Book and Directory of Jefferson City and Cole County, 1900.”

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At 70 years young, Community Center continues its mission

Seventy years after the building opened, the mission as a community center continues. Originally the Jefferson City Community Center, 608 E. Dunklin St. now is the Eastside Family Activity Center.

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Exchange Bank clock has survived 96 years and one truck crash

Literally, a landmark — the freestanding clock at the corner of High and Madison streets in downtown Jefferson City — has been a rendezvous location for businessmen and a point of reference for visitors for 80 years.

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State Street buildings all that remain of 1800s female seminary

Once a place to educate young women in the finer points of knowledge and etiquette, today the Greek Revival-style buildings at 416-420 E. State St. are a reference for those learning about revitalization.

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Family adds modern touches, but keeps character of historic Ott home

'I always told Mom I would live in this house'

Heiress to the “lumber doctor,” Stacia Mills admired her aunt’s Jefferson City home, while she was growing up across the street.

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Still blossoming after 121 years

Busch’s Florist is Jefferson City’s oldest retail business

One hundred years ago, Jefferson City South Side shoppers would buy their long-stemmed flowers after a bit of conversation inside Busch’s Florist.

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Hess House is beautifully preserved example of ordinary person’s home

Simple, yet distinctive

Most of the homes still standing today that existed in Jefferson City during the Civil War are grander homes of prominent community leaders.

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St. Peter School served generations of students — and even some state lawmakers

Designated as Jefferson City Landmark

St. Peter Interparish School in Jefferson City prepares its students for the future with means like its computer lab. But the parochial school’s oldest building, where the lab is, also houses a piece of the community and state’s history.

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Five generations have called Landwehr farmhouse home

The white, wrap-around porch of the Landwehr Dairy Farm has been featured in many a family photo. Even owners Eric and Stacy Landwehr had their wedding photos taken there.

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Jefferson Street landmark has seen a variety of tenants

From bottled water to bicycles

When Don Meyer opened J&D Bicycle Shop 38 years ago, Jefferson Street was a bustling traffic artery, lined with commercial business.