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Book Review: Bravo host dishes dirt in 'Andy Cohen Diaries'

"The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year" (Henry Holt and Co.), by Andy Cohen

In his new book, "The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year," author Andy Cohen tries to explain to his rescue dog, Wacha, the luck of going from a West Virginia kill shelter to lunching at Jerry Seinfeld's estate in East Hampton, New York. Wacha may not get it, but we do. The talk-show host and man-about-town takes his beloved pooch and readers along for a joyride of endless parties, A-list interviews, decadent vacations and a little work in between.

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Consumer group lists ‘10 worst toys’ for kids

A bow that shoots illuminated arrows its manufacturer says can fly up to 145 feet, and the “Catapencil” — a pencil with a miniature slingshot-style launcher at its erasure end — are among an annual list of unsafe toys released Wednesday.

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NBC scraps Cosby TV project

NBC has scrapped a Bill Cosby comedy that was under development, the second outlet within a day to put off or abandon a Cosby project after another sexual assault allegation against the comic emerged.

Dry Central California town gets portable showers

Hundreds of people living in a drought-stricken California farm town could soon be taking their first hot shower in months after county officials set up portable facilities in a church parking lot.

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Woman wears colander for driver’s license photo

A Utah woman says she encountered only brief resistance when she recently had her driver’s license photo taken while wearing a colander on her head as a religious statement.

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Alice Lee, sister of ‘Mockingbird’ author, dies

Alice Lee, the sister of the famous “To Kill a Mockingbird” author and an influential Alabama lawyer and church leader in her own right, died Monday at age 103.

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Music Review: Foo Fighters latest is a worthwhile trip

Foo Fighters, "Sonic Highways" (Roswell/RCA Records)

Twenty years into their career as one of the leading rock bands in the world, Foo Fighters continue to find ways to challenge both themselves and their listeners.

Music Review: Lost Dylan lyrics brought to life

Various Artists, "Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes" (Electromagnetic Recordings/Harvest Records)

The bottomless well of material from Bob Dylan just got deeper with the release of "Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes," an unqualified success.

Book Review: King returns to true horror in 'Revival'

"Revival" (Scribner), by Stephen King

Remember when Stephen King announced that he was retiring? That was more than a decade and at least six books ago, and he's done nothing but crank out best-sellers ever since.

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Board games offer family fun for seasonal parties

Don't leave holiday entertainment to a roll of the dice

When your two sisters and their husbands, an uncle from out of state and 12 nieces and nephews arrive at your house this Thanksgiving, how are you planning to entertain them?

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Music Review: Pink Floyd say goodbye with 'The Endless River'

Pink Floyd, "The Endless River" (Columbia Records)

Never was an album more aptly named than "The Endless River," the new — and seemingly final — release from Pink Floyd. It flows unstoppably, and while some listeners may feel it meanders on too long, it's very easy to get swept along by it.

Book Review: Lamott offers healing words in 'Small Victories'

"Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace" (Riverhead Books), by Anne Lamott

Fans of author Anne Lamott know reading her work is like finding a favorite sweater from the depths of the closet on the first crisp fall day: warm, comforting, familiar and easy.

Music Review: Rice's "Fantasy" is a lovely reality

Damien Rice, "My Favourite Faded Fantasy" (Warner)

Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice says the creative process behind his third studio album "My Favourite Faded Fantasy" was so good that he occasionally didn't want it to end.

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Movie Review: 'Homesman' reverses the Western's course

"The Homesman," surely, is about citizenship. It's a Western parable, told with handsome John Ford classicism, about how we care for our ill, our mad and our dead. Into the Western's traditional sweeping grandeur creep the discordant notes of Marco Beltrami's score.

Smithsonian unveils $2B museum face-lift

The Smithsonian unveiled a plan Thursday to give museums and gardens along the south side of Washington’s National Mall a $2 billion face-lift, creating more welcoming entrances, improving connections between the museums and refurbishing the iconic Smithsonian Castle.

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