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Harper Lee's new novel is a story of lost innocence

Like her classic "To Kill a Mockingbird," the Harper Lee novel coming out Tuesday is a coming of age story. And not just for Scout Finch.

Country music acts quietly abandon Confederate flag

The Confederate flag was once a familiar symbol in country music, representing the rural South and the renegade spirit of artists such as David Allan Coe and Hank Williams Jr.

Omar Sharif, of “Doctor Zhivago,” dies

In “Lawrence of Arabia,” Omar Sharif first emerges as a speck in the distance in the shimmering desert sand.

12 Missouri Lottery Scratcher tickets to expire soon

The redemption period for 12 Missouri Lottery Scratchers games will end during July and August.

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet James Tate dies at 71

James Tate, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and longtime English professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, has died. He was 71.

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Movie Review: "Self/less," immortal and it feels so dumb

"Self/less," if you couldn't tell from the preposterous title, is a deeply silly movie that takes itself very, very seriously.

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Movie Review: A prequel for the pipsqueaks called 'Minions'

The Minions, having been the best part of the two previous "Despicable Me" movies, have swarmed the screen in "Minions."

Music Review: Joy Williams goes solo and bares soul

Joy Williams, "Venus" (Sensibility/Columbia)

Nearly 20 minutes into "Venus," an acoustic guitar emerges from the computer clamor that fills most of the album.

Mokane's Frogs and Hogs Festival leaps into action

The entertainment scheduled for this year’s Frogs and Hogs Festival should leave motorcycle enthusiasts happy as a pig in mud when the festival leaps into action 5 p.m. Friday at 300 Broad Street in Mokane.

Winning $70 million Powerball ticket sold at St. Louis store

Missouri Lottery officials say someone who purchased a Powerball ticket in St. Louis for the Fourth of July drawing has won the $70 million jackpot.

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Movie Review: In Winehouse doc 'Amy,' celebrity is the villain

Asif Kapadia's Amy Winehouse documentary "Amy" is a slow, tragic zoom out. It begins with the intimacy of home movies and ends in far-away paparazzi footage. Our VIP access has been revoked.

Book Review: 'The Assassins' has fast pace, many twists

"The Assassins" (St. Martin's), by Gayle Lynds

Gayle Lynds proves she's a master of the modern cold-war spy thriller with her latest novel, "The Assassins."

Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari to lead Oddball Comedy tour

Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari will be the headliners this year when the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival hits the road looking for laughs.

Cosby accusers claim vindication, friends reserve judgment

While many of Bill Cosby’s accusers feel vindicated by his decade-old admission that he gave at least one woman quaaludes before sex, some of his Hollywood friends are reserving judgment, saying the testimony doesn’t prove he committed a crime.

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Movie Review: Gralton's story told in elegant 'Jimmy's Hall'

Jimmy Gralton is not a name you've likely heard before. A modest Irish revolutionary, Gralton has the dubious distinction of being the only native to ever be deported from Ireland.

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