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Cosplayers dress for the occasion

Mid-Missouri organizers are once again hosting their annual Cosplacon -- a cosplay, anime, science fiction and gaming convention which was created in 2011.

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Movie Review: In Pixar's 'Inside Out,' the cacophony of childhood

"Inside Out," the latest Pixar punch to the heart, navigates the labyrinth of a young girl's mind in an antic, candy-colored romp through childhood memory to arrive, finally, gloriously, at epiphany.

Music Review: Montgomery Gentry shine on 'Folks Like Us'

Montgomery Gentry, "Folks Like Us" (Blaster)

Montgomery Gentry were pumping out bro-country sounds and themes years before it became the dominant sound in contemporary country music.

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NBC removes Brian Williams from ‘Nightly News’

Lester Holt takes over as anchor

NBC said Thursday that Brian Williams will not return to his job as “Nightly News” anchor following his suspension for misrepresenting himself, but will be given a second chance with the company as a breaking news anchor at the cable network MSNBC.

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Movie Review: Geeks go gangster in fresh, lively "Dope"

The coy, over-the-top Sundance hit from writer-director Rick Famuyiwa about a couple of geeks who get entangled in gangster culture is a fresh and slightly rebellious take on the series of escalating events story

Book Review: Annie unearths dark roots in 'Let Me Die in His Footsteps'

"Let Me Die in His Footsteps" (Dutton), by Lori Roy

Set against alternating backdrops of flourishing Kentucky lavender fields and a struggling tobacco farm, Lori Roy's "Let Me Die in His Footsteps" traces the story of Annie Holleran, how she came to be, and how her entire town might be better off if she'd never been born.

Producer: Cowboy film is real, but Eastwood pitch was not

Matthew McClintock arrived in full Western garb stretched over his 6-foot, 5 inch frame to pitch a potential investor on a documentary about early Montana cowboys. He said he was talking to Clint Eastwood about narrating the film’s opening, he mentioned his friendship with former first lady Barbara Bush and the two men bonded over serving in the Vietnam war.

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Jeb Bush ‘slow jams’ the news with Fallon

Republican Jeb Bush “slow jammed” the news, told about meeting his wife, offered a guacamole recipe and oddly compared his presidential father and brother during a “Tonight” show appearance.

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Game Review: 'Splatoon' brings colorful glee to online shooters

'Splatoon' for the Wii U, $59.99

Online gaming may be dominated by shootouts like "Call of Duty" and "Halo," but they're not exactly family-friendly. It's not just the copious gore; the explosive profanity that passes for trash talk has driven many a parent to unplug the game console.

Book Review: How 250,000 refugees were rescued in Turkey

"The Great Fire" (Ecco), by Lou Ureneck

It reads like a story drawn from contemporary headlines: U.S. Navy warships deployed to the Middle East; ISIS-like beheadings and other atrocities targeted at Christians; fears in Washington about denial of access to the region's vital oil supplies.

Music Review: Sapp delivers honest gospel messages on 10th album

Marvin Sapp, "You Shall Live" (RCA Inspiration)

On his 10th offering, "You Shall Live," Marvin Sapp continues his honest approach of how he has combated tumultuous times with faith. No matter the heartbreak, he sings with an optimistic desire to encourage those who are struggling in the belief department.

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Hot Summer Nights event celebrates Route 66

With the season’s “Still Cruisin’” theme, Hot Summer Nights 2015 continued on the Bagnell Dam Strip in Lake Ozark Friday night with its “Route 66 Rendezvous at the Lake.”

John Stamos home after DUI arrest in Beverly Hills

Actor John Stamos was home Saturday after being arrested and cited with driving under the influence in Beverly Hills.

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Movie Review: McCarthy, Feig set their sights on 007 in 'Spy'

Ridiculous questions about the funniness and bankability of women have clouded exactly what's going on here: Nobody is a better comedic actor right now than Melissa McCarthy.

Book Review: Uneven 'Wild Bill Wellman' revisits director's fiery life

"Wild Bill Wellman: Hollywood Rebel" (Pantheon), by William Wellman Jr.

The silver biplane that had performed a few stunts over actor Douglas Fairbanks' polo party taxied to a stop at the far end of the field. Its pilot, wearing a military uniform with medals from the Great War, walked up to the movie star.

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