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Study: Some ants have more taste for human food than others

It’s not just people who love the food in New York City. So do certain ants.

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Movie Review: 'Furious 7' drives hard with action, laughs, tribute

Fast-moving fight scenes, outrageous auto antics and a sprinkling of ridiculous one-liners make "Furious 7" a campy, crowd-pleasing escape.

Book Review: Harlan Coben delivers with 'The Stranger'

"The Stranger" (Dutton), by Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben rolls out compelling tales set in suburbia where secrets buried underneath the facade of a happy life threaten to destroy families and neighborhoods.

Book Review: Searching for 'The Last Unicorn' in the wildness of Laos

"The Last Unicorn: A Search for One of Earth's Rarest Creatures" (Little, Brown and Co.), by William deBuys

The premise of "The Last Unicorn" is simple: William DeBuys tagged along with biologist William Robichaud for a trek through the forests and waterways of central Laos searching for evidence of an extremely rare animal called a saola.

Maya Angelou play in development by Tavis Smiley, Kenny Leon

In the nearly 30-year friendship that Tavis Smiley shared with Maya Angelou, he learned the renowned writer’s views on life and how to live it to the fullest.

Music Review: Ringo Starr's latest recalls Fab times and vibes

Ringo Starr, "Postcards from Paradise" (Universal Music Enterprises)

Forty-five years after the Beatles officially called it quits (and about decade more since he left Rory Storm and the Hurricanes to make history), Starr's "Postcards from Paradise" comes with plenty of lyrical and musical blasts from the past to remind listeners of his role in music history.

Book Review: 'Inspector of the Dead" is masterful work

"Inspector of the Dead" (Mulholland Books), by David Morrell

David Morrell's "Inspector of the Dead," a sequel to "Murder as a Fine Art," tells the riveting story of a man determined to exact revenge for injustices done to him and his family. The people he intends to murder range from a shopkeeper to Queen Victoria.

Rolling Stones announce North American stadium tour

The Rolling Stones are zipping across North America again.

No ‘narsisstics’: Music festivals ban fans’ selfie sticks

You can bring your beach towels and floral headbands, but forget that selfie stick if you’re planning to go to the Coachella or Lollapalooza music festivals.

Banana peel hits comedian Dave Chappelle on New Mexico stage

A man tossed a banana peel at Dave Chappelle during a standup show, hitting in the comedian in the leg, police in this northern New Mexico city say.

Just 7 more episodes of ‘Mad Men’ as its creator looks back

How time flies in this very mad world! It seems like only yesterday that the 1960s were dawning for Don Draper, his family and his comrades at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency.

‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ goes beyond the biblical epic

The people are restive, the priesthood is scheming and a fanatic band of insurgents known as the zealots are plotting assassinations — and now to make matters worse, the body of a condemned cult-leader known as Jesus has disappeared from the tomb, apparently following some ancient prophecy.

NBC, Cirque du Soleil bringing ‘The Wiz’ to TV, Broadway

“The Wiz” is coming to TV and back to Broadway with productions from NBC and Cirque du Soleil.

Music Review: Eubanks, Jordan display special chemistry on new CD

Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan, "Duets" (Mack Avenue)

Kevin Eubanks has gotten his jazz groove back since stepping down as "Tonight Show" band leader in 2010. On "Duets," he teams with fellow guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan for an intimate, relaxed session that's more spontaneous than over-produced, mixing jazz standards, contemporary pop tunes and original compositions.

Galleries highlight special exhibits for 'Art Around Town'

For several years Capital Arts has sponsored an evening gallery crawl. This year the name has been changed to Art Around Town to represent the galleries around Jefferson City.

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