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UK’s Prince Charles meets Sinn Fein leader in Ireland for 1st time

Prince Charles offered a historic handshake Tuesday to Gerry Adams, longtime leader of the Irish nationalist Sinn Fein party and reputedly an Irish Republican Army commander when the outlawed group killed the prince’s great-uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, in 1979.

Anti-Muslim film back up on YouTube after court ruling

An anti-Muslim film that sparked violence in the Middle East and death threats to actors was reposted to YouTube on Tuesday, a day after a federal appeals court ruled the website should not have been forced to take it down.

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Movie Review: Despite fine acting, 'The D Train' is off track

he problem with "The D Train" isn't the performances. Jack Black, James Marsden, Kathryn Hahn and Jeffrey Tambor are wonderful in their respective roles.

Book Review: 'Solitude Creek' is outstanding thriller

"Solitude Creek" (Grand Central Publishing), by Jeffery Deaver

What begins as a fun outing for a mother and her daughter turns terrifying in "Solitude Creek," Jeffery Deaver's latest thriller.

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Movie Review: Schwarzenegger surprises in zombie drama 'Maggie'

Would you stand by your child if she was slowly dying of a gruesome and highly contagious illness? That's the central question that Arnold Schwarzenegger has to face in "Maggie," a terminal illness drama where the malady at hand involves morphing into a member of the flesh-eating undead.

Book Review: Controversy stings, strengthens Mann in memoir 'Hold Still'

"Hold Still" (Little, Brown and Co.), by Sally Mann

American photographer Sally Mann is best known to mainstream audiences for her third book, "Immediate Family," which stirred controversy in the early 1990s for its inclusion of nude images of her three young children roaming her family's secluded, Eden-like farm.

From the Stacks: ‘Follow Your Gut’ to worldview-altering biology

In “Follow Your Gut: How the Ecosystem in Your Gut Determines Your Health, Mood, and More,” researcher Rob Knight introduces us to the wonderful world of microscopic biology present in and on our bodies.

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Movie Review: 'Saint Laurent' is compelling yet maddening, too

There's a wonderful scene in "Saint Laurent," the sumptuous, exciting and also maddening new film by Bertrand Bonello, in which we watch the famous designer casually display his brilliance.

Book Review: 'The Enemy Inside' is compelling legal thriller

"The Enemy Inside" (William Morrow), by Steve Martini

Steve Martini's latest book to feature attorney Paul Madriani begins with a seemingly easy case, but quickly turns deadly.

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ABC faces credibility crisis over Stephanopoulos donations

George Stephanopoulos apologized to viewers Friday for donating $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and failing to disclose it earlier, as ABC News now finds its chief anchor in a credibility crisis on the eve of a presidential campaign.

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Blues great B.B. King leaves legacy in native Mississippi

Blues legend B.B. King died at 89 Thursday at his home in Las Vegas, but his impact is still deeply felt in small towns along the Mississippi Blues Trail, where he came of age before the industrialization of agriculture and other factors prompted the descendants of slaves to migrate in huge numbers out of the Deep South.

Book Review: Evie puts down smartphone in 'Love and Miss Communication'

"Love and Miss Communication" (William Morrow Paperbacks), by Elyssa Friedland

Corporate lawyer Elyssa Friedland writes an honest love story with a bizarre twist in her debut novel, "Love and Miss Communication." Readers must consider one thought-provoking question: Could you remain offline for a year?

David Letterman on retirement: It’s time, but he’s torn

You don’t think of David Letterman as a stop-and-smell-the-flowers type, but here he is, at a major turning point yet savoring his chocolate milkshake.

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Movie Review: Dazzling 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is a can't miss thrill

Thirty years after director George Miller gave the world "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome," he's returned to his own post-apocalyptic world and created an exceptional, fearless and poetic masterpiece that's primed to become a modern classic.

Book Review: Lincoln Child returns with 'The Forgotten Room'

"The Forgotten Room" (Doubleday), by Lincoln Child

In "The Forgotten Room," professor Jeremy Logan tackles another baffling case — that might be his last.

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