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Christmas lighting contest turns 30

Since 1985, Jefferson City's Christmas Home Decorating Contest has been an official way to recognize local residents for their hard work in helping make the season bright.

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With a bit of snow, Eldon kicks off holiday season

Snow and bitter temperatures didn’t stop the community of Eldon from kicking off the holiday season this weekend, holding the first of several holiday events taking place throughout the Christmas season.

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From the Stacks: Life truths illuminated in ‘Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart’

If you are someone who likes to give or receive books for Christmas, then I have a special recommendation for you. Gordon Livingston has written a gem.

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Movie Review: Stellar cast boosts stoner comedy 'Night Before'

Boosted by its stellar cast and playful take on "A Christmas Carol," ''The Night Before" is a coming-of-age stoner-buddy comedy laced with warm holiday cheer.

Music Review: Jeff Lynne shines on 'Alone In the Universe'

Jeff Lynne' ELO, "Alone In the Universe" (Columbia)

If it sounds like ELO, feels like ELO and plays like ELO, then it must be "Alone In the Universe" by Jeff Lynne's ELO, as it is now called.

Book Review: Phillips, who found Elvis, Cash, Perkins and Lewis, gets bio

"Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll" (Little, Brown and Co.), by Peter Guralnick

It was getting late at Sam Phillip's tiny studio in Memphis, Tennessee, maybe time for a break. The local kid Phillips had called into the studio, Elvis Presley, had a good voice, but had yet to show that unique quality that Phillips was searching so hard to find.

Long-lost Faulkner play published for the first time

"'Twixt Cup and Lip," written soon after World War I and being published for the first time, is a one-act comedy in which a modern, free-thinking woman finds herself courted by two men and changes her mind at the last moment.

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Movie Review: Chilean miners film resorts too often to formula

The real-life saga was so visceral — and so visual, unfolding as it did on live TV — that it's tough to beat the memory.

Music Review: Peter Case 'HWY 62' leads to a good place

Peter Case, "HWY 62" (Omnivore)

Peter Case, former frontman for the 1980s alt-rock band The Plimsouls, is an extremely seasoned soul these days. His latest solo album, "HWY 62," is a solid release displaying his heartfelt songwriting and no frills approach to offering up his beautiful musical messages.

Book Review: 'Science Guy' Bill Nye tackles climate change in new book

"Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World" (St. Martin's Press,) by Bill Nye

Back with a bow tie and enthusiasm that vaults off the page, Bill Nye explains the basics of climate science without making "Unstoppable" feel like a textbook

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Movie Review: 'Love the Coopers' is a moving, starry holiday pic

"Love the Coopers" is pretty formulaic as far as Christmas dramedies go, but there are always going to be those movies that just get to you — despite, perhaps, your best judgment.

Music Review: Steve Forbert's raggedly fresh 'Compromised'

Steve Forbert, "Compromised" (Ridge Rock Music/ADA)

Steve Forbert is rolling with the punches on "Compromised," his 16th studio album since 1978, and he's not letting it get him down.

Book Review: 'Devotion' perfectly paced, cruises along in the fast lane

"Devotion" (Ballantine Books), by Adam Makos

In the spirit of "Unbroken" and "The Boys in the Boat" comes "Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice" by journalist Adam Makos.

Film censors to Mr. Bond: No kissing please. We’re Indian

India’s film censor authorities have ordered kissing scenes in the latest James Bond movie, “Spectre,” be shortened before it is released in the country.

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Hello: Adele’s ‘25’ will give industry much-needed boom

Hello, it’s Adele, and she’s going to give the music industry a much-needed boost this year with “25.”

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