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2 suspects arrested in Hy-Vee shooting July 28, 2015

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Film looks back at 1974 Sedalia rock festival

The Ozark Music Festival of 1974 was three days of drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll in a land of jam judging, tractor pulls and 4-H lambs. The Woodstock generation throwing a final blowout in a small Missouri town.

Music Review: Jah Cure delivers certified classic with 'The Cure'

Jah Cure, "The Cure" (VP Records)

Jah Cure, one of Jamaica's most talented contemporary artists, brings musical therapy to your ears with his latest album, "The Cure."

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From the Stacks: Second chances abound in ‘Replay’

Ever wish you could live your life over again? Wish you could go back in time knowing what you know now, and face those choices again? Would you try to alter the course of world events?

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Jefferson City Jaycees Cole County Fair helps make memories

This year’s Jefferson City Jaycees Cole County Fair runs from Monday through Saturday (July 27-Aug. 1), featuring contests, carnival rides, entertainment and 4-H and FFA youth programs.

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BizBeat: Knockerball rolls in new entertainment option

The Knockerball company has 115 U.S. affiliates, and now the equipment is available to rent locally through Knockerball Mid-Missouri.

Music Review: Homophones, synonyms and more from Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell, "Something More Than Free" (Southeastern Records)

Sometimes Jason Isbell's words work best on paper, because that's how it goes with homophones. "I thought that I was running, too, but I was running from," he sings on a bouncy paean to the pursuit of happiness on "If It Takes a Lifetime."

Book Review: Ernest Cline returns with new novel, 'Armada'

"Armada" (Crown), by Ernest Cline

"Armada," Ernest Cline's follow-up to "Ready Player One," proves he has the ability to blend popular culture with exciting stories that appeal to everyone, especially readers who grew up in the 1980s.

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Movie Review: A pugilist parable of transformation in 'Southpaw'

If you've ever wondered what might have happened to Job if he had a strong left hook, "Southpaw" may be the film for you.

Music Review: Alan Jackson delivers on 'Angels and Alcohol'

Alan Jackson, "Angels and Alcohol" (ACR/EMI Nashville)

Alan Jackson once again proves capable of finding fresh wrinkles in his comfortable, familiar style. His new album, "Angels and Alcohol," delivers good-time honky-tonk, emotional country ballads and gentle, philosophical tunes about the enduring strengths and occasional difficulties of life.

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Movie Review: 'Paper Towns' is modest, middle-of-the-road teen drama

Based on an earlier teen fave novel by "The Fault in Our Stars" author John Green, "Paper Towns" is a mild coming-of-ager about dawning awareness and life lessons learned among a small group of Florida high school seniors.

Music Review: 'Paper Towns' soundtrack has modern, retro feel

Various Artists, "Paper Towns Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (Atlantic Records)

As soundtracks go, "Paper Towns" comes close to perfection in the job it performs. It works as the optimum seasoning to the main dish — the movie — but its enchanting composition also works as a stand-alone amuse-bouche.

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Movie Review: Disappointing 'Pixels' falls apart before it begins

The most believable element in "Pixels" is that alien video-game creatures could attack our planet. This disappointing comedy falls apart before it begins because no one would behave the way its characters do, and their ridiculous choices drive the action.

Jon Stewart heads into home stretch at ‘Daily Show’

Jon Stewart enters the home stretch of his 16 years on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on Monday, with 12 more nights of jokes at the expense of those who make and report the news before he signs off for good Aug. 6.

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Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert divorce after 4 years

After years of tabloid gossip claiming marital troubles, country music's top couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce after four years of marriage.

Movie Review: 'Tangerine' a vital peek into unseen LA street lives

Caitlyn Jenner and her glamorous Vanity Fair cover brought unprecedented visibility to transgender women. Laverne Cox, the first transgender actress to win an Emmy Award, fronted Time magazine, an image of grace and growing acceptance.


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