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Music Review: Pop-rockers Mana reignite on 'Cama Incendiada'

Mana, "Cama Incendiada" (Warner Music)

It's a given that pop-rock band Mana will sell out shows wherever they go, whether it's the Staples Center (where they set the mark with 11 sell-out concerts) or in their native Mexico. But what hasn't been easy for the band is keeping the energized sound that propelled them to fame with their 1992 breakout album "Donde Jugaran los Ninos?"

From the Stacks: ‘The Light Between Oceans’ is heart-wrenching story of love, loss, consequences

“The Light Between Oceans” is a heart-wrenching work of fiction by new Australian writer M.L. Stedman.

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Movie Review: Tom Hardy excels but 'Child 44' feels like 40 movies

The best-selling novel "Child 44" by Tom Rob Smith runs well over 400 pages, and that's perhaps the first hint as to why the movie based on it seems to veer in 40 different directions.

Book Review: 'Pleasantville' has gripping, believable plot

"Pleasantville" (Harper), by Attica Locke

The compelling "Pleasantville" continues Attica Locke's insightful look at African-American life in Houston, where politics, race and classism converge in myriad ways.

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Movie Review: 'Unfriended' has interesting concept but still a dud

Taking aim at cyberbullies on their home turf, Levan Gabriadze's "Unfriended" envisions an I Know What You Did Last Summer-style vengeance scenario conducted by a ghost entirely via social media.

San Francisco poised to ban performances by exotic animals

San Francisco is poised to ban performances using bears, lions, elephants and other wild animals and join dozens of other places that have similar prohibitions.

Nightclub lets San Francisco symphony tune in to young fans

A Vegas-style nightclub with high-tech light and sound, video screens and several stages has become San Francisco’s hottest venue for classical music.

Cruise line to offer free drinks on Miami-based ship

Norwegian Cruise Line is offering free booze to attract more customers on short cruises out of Miami.

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Movie Review: 'Adaline' is both ludicrous and deeply moving

Is it possible for a movie to be at once ludicrously silly and genuinely moving? That's the strange question you might find yourself asking while watching "The Age of Adaline," a romantic fantasy with surprising heft that will likely have you scoffing at one moment, then furtively wiping away a tear the next.

Book Review: Narrative of 'Adult Onset' feels intensely personal

"Adult Onset" (Tin House Books), by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ann-Marie MacDonald's latest novel, "Adult Onset," tracks a week in the life of Mary Rose MacKinnon.

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New royal baby: Destined to be a ‘spare to the heir’?

When Prince William and Kate announced they were expecting their first child in 2012, the appetite for royal baby news seemed insatiable.

Book Review: A search for true love in 'The Beekeeper's Daughter'

"The Beekeeper's Daughter" (Simon & Schuster), by Santa Montefiore

International best-selling author Santa Montefiore writes an epic romance that spans two generations in her new novel, "The Beekeeper's Daughter."

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Movie Review: 'True Story' handsomely made but misguided

Michael Finkel's journalism career, torpedoed by a partly fabricated story, had just bottomed out when a phone call came asking why a man accused of murdering his wife and three children in Oregon was identifying himself "Mike Finkel, New York Times."

James Earl Jones, Cicely Tyson to star together on Broadway

Broadway-goers this fall will get a special treat — James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson sharing the same stage again.

Diversity Study: Super Bowl ads less gender offensive

While Super Bowl XLIX commercials were more sensitive and less gender offensive than in past years, women and people of color remain vastly underrepresented among the creative directors who are producing those ads, according to a diversity study released Wednesday.


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