Thomas Holbrook

Running, Libertarian for U.S. House of Representatives District 4

Thomas Holbrook

Thomas Holbrook running for U.S. House of Representatives District 4


Full Name: Thomas Holbrook Click here for Voting Records
On The Ballot: Running, Libertarian for U.S. House - District 4  
General Nov. 6, 2012  
Primary Aug. 7, 2012  
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 03/23/1983
Birth Place: Williams Air Force Base, AZ
Home City: Warrensburg, MO



 The year was 1983. My dad was stationed at Williams Air Force Base in Arizona. Though I wasn't planned for, I was still a pleasant surprise to my mom and dad.  On the 23rd of Mach of that year, I was born.  Little did anybody know that I would be entering the political arena.

Before the year ended, the family moved to Missouri, because of dad being assigned to Whiteman.  After nearly dying at six years of age, I gained an appreciation of life and respect for the freedoms of all citizens.  I graduated from Leeton R-X High School in 2002, the Warrensburg Area Vocational Technical School with a certification in Technology Information Management in 2003, and the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor Science in History with a Minor in Religious Studies.

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I currently work in the retail industry as an overnight cashier.  I became a Libertarian after realizing that both the Democrats and Republicans did not truly believe in the freedoms of others and following the Constitution.  I also am a supporter of Free and Open Source Software, and have multiple computers that I test software on from time to time.

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