Susan Montee

Running, Democrat for Mo. Lt. Governor

Susan Montee

Susan Montee running for Missouri Lt. Governor


Full Name: Susan Montee Click here for Voting Records
On The Ballot: Running, Democratic for Lieutenant Governor  
General Nov. 6, 2012  
Primary Aug. 7, 2012  
Gender: Female
Family: Husband: James; 3 Children: Amanda, Andy, Austin
Birth Date: 07/06/1959
Birth Place: Saint Joseph, MO
Home City: Buchanan County, MO



Hands-on, hard working and a leader by example, Susan Montee rolls up her sleeves and works alongside her staff at every job she undertakes.
As Missouri State Auditor, Susan didn’t just sign off on reports, she was an integral part of the process from initiation of an audit to ensuring that recommendations became action.

She knows how business works from her own experience in both large and small companies, where she proved that you can have success in businesses while respecting the value of the work force. Susan Montee will show the same respect to taxpayers who expect their hard earned dollars to be spent effectively and produce results.  She is a fiscal conservative who also believes we have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us.

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A member of a military family, Susan was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Susan’s father, Gunnery Sergeant Galen Humphrey served his country in the Marines while her mother, Arlene Humphrey, was a stay at home mother of two daughters and two sons.   As the military action in Southeast Asia escalated in the early 1960′s, Susan’s father served in Vietnam as a navigator in the 1st Marine Air Wing.

On February 1st, 1966, above the Gulf of Tonkin, the Lockheed C130 that Galen Humphrey was flying on took enemy fire during a refueling mission and was never heard from again.  Susan’s family received the devastating news that her father was Missing-in-Action.

The official report said the plane had been shot down and that all aboard likely died in the crash. But no wreckage was ever spotted, no bodies were recovered. Throughout the war, stories surfaced of those thought to be dead who were discovered to be prisoners in North Vietnam.  And at the war’s end, as POW’s were set free, a few more soldiers thought to be lost were miraculously found to be alive. Susan, like her family, never lost hope and steadfastly believed that her father would somehow make his way home.

As the war slowly faded into memory, so did Susan’s belief that she would see her dad again. It was years later that Susan finally accepted that her father was dead. This long, intense experience in her formative years had a profound effect on Susan and taught her some important lessons. Faith is stronger than fear. Knowing is better than not. Family is everything.

When her father left for Vietnam, Susan’s mother settled in St. Joseph, Missouri with her four children to be closer their extended family. Susan grew up attending the St. Joseph public school system and graduated from Bishop LeBlond High School, where she was active on the speech and debate team.

Susan’s grandmother, Sue Humphrey, was a teacher for a remarkable 79 years! Many of those years were spent as an educator at various St. Joseph schools. Grandma Humphrey never stopped in her own pursuit of a formal education. At the age of 95 she was still studying literature and creative writing at Missouri Western State College. Susan learned to respect educators and the value of continuing education from her grandmother. And like her namesake, she would continue to enhance her own education throughout life.

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