Dawnel Davidson

Running, Republican for Circuit Clerk

Dawnel Davidson

Dawnel Davidson running for Circuit Clerk


Full Name: Dawnel Davidson Click here for Voting Records
On The Ballot: Running, Republican for Circuit Clerk  
General Nov. 6, 2012  
Gender: Female
Family: Parents - Dave and Pat Davidson; Married to Jay Anielak
Home City: Jefferson City, MO
Religion: Christian

I am Dawnel Davidson, and I am running for Circuit Clerk of Cole County. I knew shortly after I began working for the Circuit Court, in 1994, this would be my career. Since then, I have been dedicated to providing the best quality training and support for court clerks in Cole County and across the State of Missouri. This position requires knowledge and expertise that I can provide to the employees of the office. I thoroughly understand the duties of this office and its roles and responsibilities as the official keeper of the court's record. I am comitted to serving Cole County not only professionally but through my community involvement as well. I would like to continue serving the citizens of Cole County, but I need your help to elect me as your next Circuit Clerk on November 6th


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