Cisse Spragins

Running, Libertarian for Missouri Secretary of State

Cisse Spragins

Cisse Spragins running for Missouri State Treaurer


Full Name: Cisse Spragins Click here for Voting Records
On The Ballot: Running, Libertarian for Secretary of State  
General Nov. 6, 2012  
Primary Aug. 7, 2012  
Gender: Female
Family: Husband: Sean O'Toole
Religion: Christian



Dr. Spragins grew up in Jackson, Tennessee and received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of TN. She then received an M.S. in Chemistry, an M.S. in Physics, and a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She worked for a Wisconsin manufacturer of rodent control products for nearly 10 years in the successive capacities of Researcher, Technical Director, and Director of International Business Development. In the latter capacity she lived in England for three years and set up an office for the company there. She traveled extensively to over 40 countries on five continents.

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She left her position in late 1998 and started Rockwell Labs Ltd in Minneapolis, MN. Rockwell develops, manufactures and markets products for public and environmental health (sanitation and structural pest management products). The business is located in North Kansas City (since 2004) and sells all over the U.S. and in a number of overseas markets.

Cisse grew up on a farm and in a family that had a healthy skepticism for government, and learned the values of self-sufficiency and personal achievement.  She has identified herself as a libertarian since learning the meaning of the term, because “it just seemed to make sense”. She became active in the LP in 2002, and was the Minnesota State Coordinator for the Badnarik campaign in 2004 (and moved to Kansas City just after the election). Since 2002, she has been educating herself extensively in the history and principles of liberty and free market economics.  She counts attending Michael Badnarik’s Constitution class in 2003 as one of the pivotal points in her libertarian education.  She has been the Missouri LP vice chair since April 2008. In that capacity she has coordinated the revival of the printed “Show Me Freedom” newsletter, in its new tabloid format.  Using her extensive experience with trade shows, she has redesigned the Missouri LP’s State Fair booth and enjoys working the Fair every year, as well as representing the Party at local Kansas City area events. She was elected Missouri LP chair in June 2010. Her current bid for U.S.Senate is her first run for public office.

She lives with her husband Sean in the Kansas City “urban core” and is active in her neighborhood church, Melrose United Methodist Church.

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