Caleb Rowden

Running, Republican for Missouri House of Representatives District 44

Caleb Rowden

Caleb Rowden running for Missouri House of Representatives District 44


Full Name: Caleb Rowden Click here for Voting Records
On The Ballot: Running, Republican for State House - District 44  
General Nov. 6, 2012  
Primary Aug. 7, 2012  
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Aubrey
Birth Place: Joplin, MO
Home City: Columbia, MO



The ‘typical’ path of a State Representative candidate usually goes through law school, internships with other legislators, maybe a run for school board, but doesn’t usually include a successful career as a Christian musician touring the nation. Caleb Rowden isn’t a ‘typical’ kind of State Representative candidate, and that is one of his best qualities.

Rowden and his family moved to Columbia in the summer of 1990. Rowden recalls one year when his dad abruptly lost his job and the entire family came together to mow lawns for the duration of the summer to help ensure the bills were paid. It was then and there that Rowden learned that life is hard, but with hard work and people coming together, much can be accomplished. It was during several missions trips to a homeless mission in Atlanta, Georgia, and a summer long internship with a missions organization in Reynosa, Mexico, that Rowden’s passion for people truly began to take hold of his life.

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After attending Mill Creek Elementary, Gentry Middle School, and Jefferson Junior HIgh, Rowden graduated from Rock Bridge High in 2001.While he attended the University of Missouri, Rowden’s music career began to take off. Fast forward 10 years…Rowden’s music career included inking two record deals with national record labels, two top 20 radio singles, touring more than 40 states, and thousands of records sold. His love for music continued in his work when he took the position of Worship and Creative Arts Pastor at his home church, Christian Chapel in Columbia, Missouri.

While at Christian Chapel, Caleb was tapped to be the liaison between the church and local non-profit organizations, and his passion for mid-Missouri and its people began to grow exponentially. That heightened passion eventually led to his announcement to run for State Representative in early 2012.

Since that announcement, Caleb has made it his mission to show the people of the 44th District that this run is about more than just political gain. It is truly about providing top-notch, transparent representation for the people of NE Columbia, Hallsville, Centralia, Sturgeon, and Clark. Whether it’s attending local events, knocking on doors, or meeting over lunch or coffee with local citizens, Caleb and the many campaign volunteers are passionate about completing the mission that began more than eight months ago.

On August 7th, Caleb officially won the Republican nomination for the 44th District by winning a 4-way primary in very convincing fashion. Despite being the only candidate not to have run for state office in the past, and despite being outspent 2 to 1 by one of his primary opponents, Rowden emerged victorious, securing more than 41% of the vote. With that convincing win, Rowden won the right to face off against former State Senator Ken Jacob in the November general election.

Politically, Caleb is a passionate, principled Conservative who believes that you know better how to run your life than the government does. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping small business move forward. He believes that, in an era of bad investments, the best investment we can make is in our kids and their future. And as a 20+ year resident of Columbia, he has seen time and time again the importance of the University of Missouri to our local economy, as well as our state as a whole. He will work to ensure MU’s partnership with the state is strong for many years to come.
As many people look at the state of government today, they are frustrated because they simply don’t feel like they’re being represented by people who understand who they are and what they’re going through. Caleb is a normal person, just like you. He has a beautiful wife, Aubrey, and a child on the way. Both he and his wife are small business owners. Caleb owns Clarius Interactive, a media and marketing company, and Aubrey owns Love Tree Studios, a photography company.

The 44th District needs to be represented by one of their own who understands the realities of life in mid-Missouri. Caleb isn’t a lifelong politician whose entire life has been spent in the public sector. Caleb can and will bring a fresh voice and fresh eyes to Jefferson City. Just governing to maintain the status quo isn’t good enough anymore. Our state is near the bottom in many economic development categories, and is dead last in our investment in education. Budget dollars are short, and the climate is definitely a long way from stable on a federal level. Mid-Missouri needs a representative who doesn’t come with political baggage, but who understands the realities of leading, running a business, and working with and for people. Caleb brings all of those qualities to the table and will work diligently to ensure the people of the 44th District have everything they need to move forward in the years to come!

FULL NAME – Caleb Forbey Rowden
HOBBIES - Golf, basketball, golf, attending MIZZOU football and basketball games, golf, volunteering at local non-profits, and golf.
FAVORITE TV SHOWS – The Mentalist, Parks and Recreation, The Office, New Girl, House
WHAT’S ON CALEB’S IPOD – Coldplay, U2, Adele, MuteMath, Brooke Fraser, The Civil Wars [and a whole lot more]
FAVORITE WEBSITE – [Sports Illustrated]
FAVORITE ICE CREAM – Mint Oreo w/ Magic Shell Topping

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