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Airline passengers revolt after blind man is kicked off plane

US Airways flight cancelled after passenger walkout

If more customers took the attitude “We’d sooner not fly at all than fly under these conditions,” traveling through American airspace would be far less infuriating. But it happened Wednesday night in Philadelphia, after passengers walked off a US Airways plane to protest what they say was a flight attendant’s unfair treatment of a blind man and his guide dog.

Does eating at your desk make you fat?

Another possible factor in modern obesity rates

News flash for weight-conscious office workers: eating at your desk makes you more likely to gain weight than leaving your desk for an official lunch break — though not for the reasons you might think.

WikiLeaks: White House pushing for curbs on Internet freedom

Obama Administration also promoting terms that raise drug prices, leaked documents indicate

Secret documents published this week by WikiLeaks and analyzed by the nonprofit consumers group Public Citizen reveal that the Obama administration is demanding terms that would limit Internet freedom and access to lifesaving medicines throughout the Asia-Pacific region and bind Americans to the same bad rules, belying the administration’s stated commitments to reduce health care costs and advance free expression online, Public Citizen said Wednesday.

New guideline set for cholesterol management

Lifestyle and statin therapy are getting a lot of attention

A new guideline has been released for treatment of cholesterol in people at high risk for cardiovascular diseases caused by hardening and narrowing of the arteries that can lead to heart attack, stroke or death.

Hertz customers need to file soon to collect PlatePass payments

Consumers who paid a toll using PlatePass may be eligible for a partial refund

Hertz has settled a class-action lawsuit that accused it of overcharging customers who used the company's "PlatePass" electronic toll payment service to pay EZ Pass and similar tolls.

Women sue Suave, saying keratin kit made their hair melt

Women say Suave offered them as little as $50 to go get a haircut

This keratin stuff, whatever it is, seems to be the greatest thing since gluten-free bread, as long as it doesn't make your hair fall out or burn your scalp.

Organix settles lawsuit that claims its names misled consumers

If you bought Organix hair- or skin-care products, you could be eligible for refunds of up to $28, thanks to a class-action lawsuit that alleged the brand's name gives the impression that Organix products are made from organic ingredients.

You don't have to die to have an estate sale

It might be a good way to downsize

Most of the time estate sales are used to liquidate property after someone dies. The heirs take what they want and the rest is sold at auction. But an estate sale can be an easy and profitable way to downsize, getting rid of possessions you no longer need or want and allowing you to move into a smaller home for your retirement years.

How to avoid putting on pounds over the holidays

If you can survive Halloween, you've got a chance

The holidays can be a dangerous time for people trying to control their weight. There are parties with food and drink, celebratory dinners with family and friends and plenty of cookies, candy and pastries.

What's really in that nutritional supplement you're taking?

Only 2 of 44 products studied actually contained what they claimed to

Many people have a lot of faith in so-called "natural" health products and nutrition supplements, despite a lack of regulation and evidence that the substances are actually beneficial.

Consumers going deeper into debt

It marks a shift from post-recession borrowing

Since 2008 consumers have been paying down their debt and not taking out so much new debt, in part because banks weren't lending. But there appears to have been an abrupt shift. Consumer debt is on the rise again, and so in fact is corporate borrowing.

Age discrimination said to be rampant in New York City

At least, many New Yorkers over 50 feel that way

AARP has sounded the alarm. Older workers in New York City are experiencing age discrimination in the workplace in unprecedented numbers, it says. The senior advocacy group bases the claim on a recent survey.

Envelope-stuffing -- guess what? It still doesn't pay

One of the oldest scams around is still around

After all these years, the envelope-stuffing come-on is still alive and well, according to New Jersey Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman, who has just announced a $130,000 settlement with a company that promised big bucks from stuffing envelopes at home.

Trilegiant, Webloyalty to pay $30 million on charges of misleading consumers

Consumers found it difficult to cancel services pushed by the companies and their affiliates

A family of companies that specialize in "negative option" marketing has agreed to pay $30 million to settle allegations that they misled consumers and trapped them into paying for services they didn't want and, in some cases, didn't know they had ordered.

American Home Shield -- worth the cost?

Not according to many of our readers, who say it's easier and quicker to do the job yoursel

If you’re a homeowner worried about the cost of maintaining your house and appliances, setting money aside in a special “rainy day/repair fund” savings account every month is probably a better choice than buying a warranty from American Home Shield and giving your money to them.