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Two charged with kidnapping JC child April 18, 2014

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Trilegiant, Webloyalty to pay $30 million on charges of misleading consumers

Consumers found it difficult to cancel services pushed by the companies and their affiliates

A family of companies that specialize in "negative option" marketing has agreed to pay $30 million to settle allegations that they misled consumers and trapped them into paying for services they didn't want and, in some cases, didn't know they had ordered.

American Home Shield -- worth the cost?

Not according to many of our readers, who say it's easier and quicker to do the job yoursel

If you’re a homeowner worried about the cost of maintaining your house and appliances, setting money aside in a special “rainy day/repair fund” savings account every month is probably a better choice than buying a warranty from American Home Shield and giving your money to them.

Younger Americans learning thrift the hard way

They're shaping up to be thriftier than their parents and grandparents

While their parents continue to struggle with making ends meet – making poor financial decisions along the way – today's teens and young adults appears to be shaping up as “the thrifty generation.”

A new kind of drug problem threatens young people

It's not just recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine

In recent years the sports pages have contained more than box scores and game highlights. There have been stories of professional athletes whose careers and reputations have been derailed after it was revealed they used banned appearance and performance enhancing drugs (APED).

How to minimize dangers in the kitchen

Lots of hot, sharp things are lying in wait for the unwary

The kitchen is a dangerous place. It's full of knives, cooktops, hot liquids and other hazards. A little advance planning can help to minimize these hazards.

Walking: the overlooked, under-utilized exercise

Some health experts suggest it does as much good as a more strenuous workout

There are plenty of ways to get exercise. People play sports like tennis, they go jogging, swimming or join a gym. But walking, it turns out, can be an effective and healthy exercise as well, putting less strain on joints – an important point for an aging population.

What you should know about food poisoning

And the things you think you know could be wrong

Every year millions of Americans get food poisoning. Why isn't that a major news story? Because for the vast majority, the “illness” only amounts to a slight discomfort. Often we aren't even aware we've eaten something that wasn't quite right.

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Marketers agree: Taking women seriously is seriously hard to do

It seems they think coloring it pink will make it good to go

I’m sure MediaPost meant well when it published a recent article but even so -- my fragile, delicate, ladylike shoulders slumped when I read that “Marketers Should Take Women Seriously as Consumers,” because every time marketers attempt to take us womenfolk “seriously” they make utter asses of themselves.

Latest threat from China: Chicken treats for pets

Senator wants more rigorous inspections and clear labeling of Chinese chicken imports

Chicken from China has been blamed by many pet owners for the illnesses and deaths their dogs have experienced after eating treats made with Chinese chicken.

Companies fined for writing bogus reviews

"Reputation management" firms hired writers to gin up phony reviews for businesses

Following a year-long undercover investigation, 19 companies have agreed to top creating fraudulent online reviews and pay $350,000 in penalties, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced this week.

Beware the tech support scam

Despite what a caller tells you, your computer is fine

You get a call at home from someone who claims to be from Microsoft tech support. In an urgent, breathless tone, he warns your computer has been compromised with a dangerous virus. You need to follow his instructions, to the letter, immediately. Relax, your computer is fine.

A colonoscopy can stop colon cancer before it starts

Harvard researchers say more colonoscopies would result in fewer deaths

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is caused by tumors growing in parts of the large intestine. In the past a colon cancer diagnosis was very often fatal. By the time it was discovered, it was usually too late.

Bed-sharing with baby: fun but not safe

Experts say the safest solution is to bring baby's crib into the parents' bedroom

One recent study found that 45% of parents had brought their baby into their bed in the previous eight months, even though experts advise against it because it's far too easy for the baby to be squashed or suffocated by its sleeping parents.

What to do when your dog gets arthritis (VIDEO)

As dogs age they, like humans, suffer from aches and pains

As your dog ages, he or she is subject to many of the same ailments you are. If they live long enough they are likely to suffer from arthritis, a crippling and painful condition when it occurs in people. It is no less painful in dogs.

Feds issue new standards for baby cribs with play yards

New rules aim to prevent improper assembly, which can cause catastrophic collapse

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued new construction and testing standards for baby cribs with play yards, hoping to prevent serious injuries and fatalities caused by assembly errors.