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Can't make more money? Then make your money go further

Here's some of the frugality tricks that've helped me

Nowadays, depending on your tax bracket, a penny saved from your take-home pay can equal more than one and a half pre-tax pennies earned.

Keurig 2.0 machines to feature RFID-limited K-cups

Will coffee drinkers be stupid enough to fall for this? Stay tuned

You're surely familiar with Keurig and its K-cup single-serving coffee (or tea or cocoa) pods; in the past few months, the company has also announced intentions to branch out into the single-serving soup and at-home soda fountain markets.

EPA finalizes stricter tailpipe emission standards

It's an effort to clean up lingering air pollution problems

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized stricter emission standards for cars and gasoline, part of an effort to reduce harmful pollution and prevent thousands of premature deaths and illnesses, while also improving the efficiency of cars and trucks.

Relax, there's (probably) nothing wrong with your computer

Don't let scammers scare you into taking unneeded action

It's called “scareware,” for the obvious reason that the people behind the pop-ups are trying to scare you into taking action without thinking it through.

Suicide in the military - don't blame deployments

A new study points to risk and protective factors

Some startling new findings have emerged in a study of mental health risk and resilience conducted among U.S. military personnel.

Feds make changes to the WIC program

Women, infants, and children will have more access to healthy foods

The nation's low-income pregnant women, new mothers, infants and young children will soon have better access to fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

Four children strangled on window cords in 22 days

Consumer Federation of America urges government to "take action"

Consider this appalling statistic: in the 22 days spanning Feb. 8 to March 1, four American children died after accidentally strangling on window-covering cords.

Consumers complain of corroded brake lines in older GM trucks

Feds have been investigating the problem since January 2011

Some GM truck owners say their vehicles are especially prone to corrosion of brake lines and other vital elements. General Motors says the problem is not unique to one manufacturer.

"Don't let the bedbugs bite" gets harder every year

DNA tests confirm one pregnant bedbug can spawn an entire colony

It's not surprising to read that recent genetic tests on bedbugs confirmed that prolific bedbug breeding explains much of the recent renaissance in world bedbug populations.

Is political peace possible on Facebook?

Researcher suggests listening to, not tuning out, opposing views

The 2012 election seems like ancient history now but some of the friendships damaged by political posturing on Facebook linger on.

PHH accused in mortgage insurance kickback scheme

Feds say the company collected hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks

An alleged a mortgage insurance kickback scheme is at the heart of an administrative proceeding brought against PHH Corporation and its affiliates by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Hope on the horizon for peanut allergy sufferers?

Brtish researchers reduce severity of peanut allergies via controlled exposure

There's possible good news for peanut allergy sufferers, though it definitely falls under the “Don't try this at home” category.

FTC: Medical transcription service failed to protect consumers' private information

Patients' medical histories and examination notes were displayed on the open Internet

A medical transcription service company's inadequate data security measures unfairly exposed the personal information of thousands of consumers on the open Internet, in some instances including consumers’ medical histories and examination notes, the Federal Trade Commission charged.

FCC considers taking first step towards scrapping old telephone lines

The "regulated monopoly" model is broken; the question is how to replace it

One way or another, the old copper-based telephone networks will be going away. Critics say it's already happening, as telephone carriers fail to maintain the networks and fail to adequately repair damage caused by storms and accidents.

Missouri consumers to get refunds in car-service contract settlement

State reaches agreement with Certus, Dealer Warranty Services

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says his office has reached a settlement with the owners of a former vehicle extended-service-contract seller, Dealer Warranty Services, LLC, which also did business nationwide under the name "Certus" and "Certus Assurance Group."