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Carnival Cruises bans bottled beverages to prevent BYOB passengers

You can still drink alcohol on Carnival ships; you just have to pay a 300 or 400 percent markup

Carnival Cruise Line has announced that it is banning passengers from bringing bottled beverages on board, to cut down on alcohol smuggling. The new policy will come into effect on July 9.

Another study finds that nuts and peanuts reduce the mortality rate

Peanut butter shows no protective effect, however

Another study finds that men and women who eat at least 10 grams of nuts and peanuts per day have a lower risk of dying from a large array of diseases than non-nut-eaters.

Fiat Chrysler tells US it missed deadlines in 5 recalls

Fiat Chrysler is admitting it missed legal deadlines to notify customers in five safety recalls.

Drivers want new safety technology, but it will cost them

Drivers want more collision-prevention technology in their cars, but there is a limit to how much they will pay.

Feeling safe? Try attending Internet security conference

A conference of Internet security experts is not for the faint of heart.

Hello? 8M phone calls unanswered as IRS cut taxpayer service

The IRS’ overloaded phone system hung up on more than 8 million taxpayers this filing season as the agency cut millions of dollars from taxpayer services to help pay to enforce President Barack Obama’s health law.

Scam alert: fake invoices can cheat you — and now real invoices can too

New invoice/bank scam hybrid snags victims in the U.S. and around the world

The United States Postal Service estimates that American businesses lose millions if not billions of dollars to invoice scams every year, though of course the scam's very nature makes it hard to accurately measure its total costs, because so many of its victims don't realize they're losing money.

No jail time for California cop who stole nude photos from arrestees' phones

The other cops involved aren't even facing charges

Here's another reason why you should always put a strong password on your smartphone and any other computer devices.

Revenge porn site banned by feds

Women were forced to pay hundreds of dollars to have their images taken down

The operator of an alleged “revenge porn” website has been banned from sharing nude videos or photographs of people without their consent and will have to destroy the intimate images and personal contact information he collected while operating the site.

What to do when your dog gets the flu

It's about the same as you'd do for a human

You aren't the only one who can get the flu. Your dog can get it too. It's known in veterinary circles as canine influenza, a respiratory infection caused by the H3N8 virus.

Whole Foods, Wegmans "store-baked" claims are stale, suit charges

Class action argues stores' claims don't rise to the challenge

Take the lawsuits filed by consumers who argue that Whole Foods and Wegmans aren't really selling freshly store-baked bread, cakes and so forth in their gargantuan supermarkets.

Data company counts 46 million vehicles with unrepaired recalls

It's a huge increase over last year's estimate

A year ago, a company selling automotive data to consumers reported there were more than 3 million cars on the road in 2013 with an open – or unrepaired – safety recall. This year, it counts more than 10 times that number.

An app to let you know if your college student is in class

Educators agree class attendance is essential to success

Success in college depends on many things but one thing is for sure -- you have to show up for class.

Call-blocking by consumers OK in FTC's view

Consumers being flooded with unwanted telemarketing calls, many from overseas

Is it -- or should it be -- legal for consumers to block unwanted telephone calls from telemarketers, solicitors, politicians and others who intrude brazenly on their privacy? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says yes, it is and should continue to be legal.

Law enforcement tracks all Americans, but doesn't want Americans tracking them

DEA expands its national surveillance while cops ask Google to disable cop-locator app

If you're an American citizen looking for a single sentence to summarize your relationship with the government, here's one possibility: “The government gets to spy on you and know your whereabouts at all times, whereas you aren't even allowed to know where to find the police officer nearest you.”