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Windows users urged to uninstall QuickTime – now

Trend Micro says there are vulnerabilities that will not be patched

If you are running QuickTime for Windows on your PC, uninstall it now. That's the advice from Apple, which says it will no longer support the software.

Field Safety Notification issued for OmniPod insulin management system

The pod’s needle mechanism malfunctioned

Insulet Corporation has issued a Field Safety Notification for 15 lots of the OmniPod insulin management system distributed in the U.S. and three lots distributed internationally.

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Erasing an ex-partner from your Facebook life

New tools designed to spare users those awkward moments

Facebook is borrowing a page from the old Kremlin playbook, making it possible for users to remove any photos or references to a former lover or spouse.

Nestlé pumps drought-stricken taxpayers' water without a permit, sells it back to them

Lawsuit: Forest Service sits on its hands for 27 years

It irks environmentalists to no end that the U.S. Forest Service continues to allow Nestlé to pump water from the San Bernardino National Forest and bottle it under its Arrowhead Springs label.

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Study: smartphone can be relationship killer

Researchers coin the term "Pphubbing" to describe couples who value their devices over their partners

Notice how many of people with their eyes glued to their phones are part of a couple. If one or both halves of the couple are engrossed in their mobile devices, a Baylor University study suggests there's trouble ahead.

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New Masque Attack leaves iPhone users at risk of malicious apps

It looks and acts like the official app for Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp — but it's not

Apple phone owners beware: a particularly nasty phishing-scam variant researchers call “Masque Attack” can trick unwitting users into installing malicious apps – and worse still, it has now been spotted “in the wild.”

New firmware worm is the first capable of remotely attacking Macs

Macs used to be safer than PCs. Not anymore

A new proof-of-concept discovery by security researchers brings an end to the old conventional wisdom that Apple computers are generally safer than PCs.

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Are your pets overweight because you're feeding them wrong?

Controlling portions and making an individual nutrition plan can help your pet slim down

More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, and this fact may be translating to our pets; an estimated 57.9% of U.S. pet dogs and cats are overweight or obese as well.

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Ransomware alert: ignore emails offering a 'Windows 10 upgrade'

Microsoft is not installing upgrades through email

Last week Microsoft launched its Windows 10 operating system, and within two days scammers started taking advantage of that by trying to plant malware on your computers.

Windows 10 automatically grants home wi-fi access to your Outlook, Skype contacts

You have to change your network name if you want to opt out of this

Windows 10 includes a feature called Wi-Fi Sense which, unless you deliberately opt out of the default setting, automatically shares your Wi-Fi network password with all of your contacts in Outlook, Hotmail, and Skype.

Making exercise a part of your daily routine may be easier than you think

Utilizing cues you experience throughout the day can help form healthy habits

Building the motivation to exercise can be very challenging for many people. The key is to make exercise a part of your daily routine so that you can do it automatically and without as much effort.

Study: Older drivers involved in 14 million accidents in last 12 months

On the road, old drivers and young drivers don't mix

If you want to start an argument at Thanksgiving dinner, suggest that older drivers might not be the safest out there. Seniors usually take offense at such a suggestion – perhaps rightly so.

Fashionable high heels may carry a health price

Study finds prolonged use can cause ankle injury

Women who wear high heeled shoes for long periods of time may be compromising their health. That's more or less been a consensus view for years, but a new study from the University of North Carolina Charlotte adds more evidence.

Having a baby? It pays to shop around for a hospital

Costs for an uncomplicated delivery vary widely

If you're expecting a new arrival in your family, you'll no doubt be shopping around for the best price on a crib, car seat and other necessities. A new study suggests you may also want to shop around for the most affordable hospital.

For social workers, religion is the elephant in the room

Religion and spirituality can be helpful but are seldom discussed

There may have been a time when people talked openly about religion but never mentioned sex or politics in polite company. But today, religion is the subject least likely to come up in clinical discussions with social workers.