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Judge blocks state from pulling clinic's abortion license

A judge on Monday temporarily blocked Missouri’s health department from revoking the abortion license held by a Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia as its physician loses hospital privileges required under state law.

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Loner will be charged with murder in clinic attack

The man accused of a deadly shooting rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs was told Monday that he will be charged with first-degree murder in the killing of three people, including a police officer, during the standoff at the facility.

Dad of missing boy held; human remains found in barn

A Kansas bail bondsman was charged Monday with assaulting his wife and abusing his missing son, and a prosecutor said the case “escalated into a much larger investigation” when police found unidentified human remains in a barn on the man’s property.

White House fence jumper released from custody

A college student who jumped over the White House fence while draped in an American flag was released from custody on Monday, and his attorney said he hoped to resolve the case without going to trial.

Black Lives Matter protesters target dancing cop's new gig

More than two dozen protesters attended a scheduled appearance of a retired Providence police officer known as the “Dancing Cop,” but the ex-officer himself did not show.

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UNLV president says keep Rebel name

UNLV is keeping its “Rebels” nickname and “Hey Reb!” mascot in spite of critics who said they should be changed because the imagery harkens to the Confederacy.

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Pope urges peace while visiting mosque

Pope Francis made a historic visit to the last remaining Muslim neighborhood in Central African Republic’s capital on Monday, a move that almost immediately opened up a part of the divided city that had been closed off for months because of retaliatory violence between Muslim and Christian militia fighters.

Putin, Obama discuss settlement

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that he and President Barack Obama have a shared understanding on how to move toward a political settlement in Syria, but added that incidents like the recent downing of a Russian warplane by a Turkish fighter jet stymie broader cooperation against extremism.

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U.S. activist heads home after serving Peru sentence

American activist Lori Berenson is finally heading home to New York, two decades after being found guilty of aiding leftist rebels in Peru.

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U of Chicago threat a response to police shooting

An online threat against the University of Chicago that led the school to cancel all activities Monday appears to have been motivated by the shooting of a black teenager by a Chicago officer in 2014, federal authorities said.

Cyber Monday sales still on top, but losing some luster

Shoppers traded bricks for clicks on Monday, flocking online to snap up “Cyber Monday” deals on everything from cashmere sweaters to Star Wars toys.

Record number of shoppers out for Small Business Saturday

This year, more shoppers reported visiting their local independent businesses on Small Business Saturday than ever before, according to results from the Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, released Monday by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and American Express.

Employee accused of killing baby after giving birth in store

A young woman gave birth in a convenience store where she worked, killed the baby and dumped his body in a garbage bin outside, authorities said Monday.

McCarthy sees no shutdown over Planned Parenthood

A top House leader predicted Monday that Washington will avoid stumbling into a government shutdown next week over a tea party-backed drive to take away Planned Parenthood’s funding.

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Movie Review: Blanchett, Mara are exquisite in poetic 'Carol'

"Carol" is an overwhelmingly beautiful film. It looks like a dream, it sounds like whispered want, and it feels like falling in love in all its stomach turning terror and ecstasy. Even its title rolls elegantly off the tongue

Judge blocks Missouri from pulling clinic's abortion license

A federal judge has temporarily blocked Missouri's health department from revoking the abortion license held by a Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia.

Former graduate assistant at Missouri accused of assaulting teen for not wearing hijab

A former University of Missouri graduate teaching assistant is accused of grabbing a teenage family member by the hair and pulling her out of school because she wasn't wearing a traditional headscarf worn by some Muslim women.

Newspaper: Agencies deleting emails of former administrators

A southwest Missouri newspaper's recent attempts to obtain emails from three former public officials in Joplin resulted in two denials because the records were wiped clean soon after the leaders left office.

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Words of the wild

Jefferson City man reflects on life of outdoor writing

Inside Cliff Keeler’s Jefferson City home are signs of an outdoorsman.

#GivingTuesday: Global campaign filters down to JC

United Way, Lincoln and Salvation Army will work to raise funds

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are household terms. Now, there’s a global push for a new day to be added to your vocabulary: #GivingTuesday.

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