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Obama seeks bigger wilderness designation for Alaska refuge

President Barack Obama is proposing to designate the vast majority of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a wilderness area, including its potentially oil-rich coastal plain, drawing an angry response from top state elected officials who see it as a land grab by the federal government.

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Northeast fears storm of ‘historic’ proportions

A “potentially historic” storm could dump 2 to 3 feet of snow from northern New Jersey to southern Maine starting Monday, crippling a region that has largely been spared so far this winter, the National Weather Service said.

Nixon’s budget plan faces challenges in state legislature

Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon has asked lawmakers for more money this year and next, but with an even stronger grip on the Legislature and new checks on the governor’s power, Republicans are unlikely to give him what he wants.

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Ukraine: Calls prove rebels attacked city, killed 30

Ukraine’s president said Sunday that intercepted radio and telephone conversations prove that Russia-backed separatists were responsible for firing the rockets that pounded the southeastern city of Mariupol and killed at least 30 people.

Obama, Modi declare era of 'new trust' in US-India relations

President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday declared an era of “new trust” in the often fraught relationship between their nations as the U.S. leader opened a three-day visit to New Delhi.

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

President Barack Obama defended his counterterrorism strategy in tumultuous Yemen Sunday, saying efforts to root out a dangerous al-Qaida affiliate there would not be affected by the political vacuum in the country.

Special prosecutor re-examining cuffed Iowa man’s Missouri drowning

A special prosecutor is taking a fresh look at the death of a handcuffed Iowa suspect who went overboard as a State Highway Patrol boat was transporting him.

Added protectons for consumer information on health website

The Obama administration appears to be making broader changes to protect consumer information on the government’s health insurance website, after objections from lawmakers and privacy advocates.

Government policy change aims to help first-time homebuyers

Uncle Sam wants to make it more affordable for Americans to buy their first home.

1 killed, 1 wounded in northwest Missouri shooting

A 34-year-old man has been charged with killing a man and wounding a woman after driving through the closed garage door of a rural northwest Missouri home.

Experts say prices, demand for beef to remain high

High beef prices are here to stay for a while, as recent drought conditions in Texas and around the country have reduced the nation’s cattle supply to its lowest numbers in more than 50 years, according to agricultural experts.

Real chocolate or compound chocolate? We won't get fooled again

Another reason to check the ingredients before you buy candy

The FDA lists standards for various types of “Cacao products,” including “breakfast cocoa,” “cocoa,” “sweet chocolate,” “milk chocolate,” and more. Basically, to legally qualify as real chocolate (as opposed to a “chocolaty” or chocolate-flavored product), a minimum percentage of the candy must come from actual cacao beans, including fat derived from genuine cocoa butter.

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Movie Review: Depp indulges inner clown in charmless 'Mortdecai'

Mostly set in contemporary England, but aiming for the zingy retro feel of a vintage Peter Sellers or Terry-Thomas feature from the Swinging Sixties, "Mortdecai" is an anachronistic mess that never succeeds in re-creating the breezy tone or snappy rhythm of the classic caper movies that it aims to pastiche.

Review: Open e-book format comes with headaches

Unfortunately, trying to move my EPub books around gets frustrating. I should be able to read on Barnes & Noble's Nook devices the books I've legitimately bought for Kobo devices, for instance. But it isn't easy to figure out how to do.

Can fast food stores really pay their people $15 an hour?

Massachusetts researchers say they can without impacting jobs or profits

Stagnant wages in the U.S. economy have put increasing pressure on businesses that pay the lowest wages to increase their workers' hourly pay.

What happens when the pipes freeze

It could turn into The Nightmare on Your Street

When water in a pipe freezes, it expands and puts tremendous pressure on both metal and plastic pipes. If the pipe breaks, it can easily release a torrent of water into the building.

Our Opinion: State of state workers remains stagnant

News Tribune editorial

Gov. Jay Nixon’s State of the State address on Wednesday offered something for everyone, with the possible exception of Missouri's state employees.

Perspective: School board president addresses overcrowding, other issues

On Monday, January 12, a group of passionate individuals spoke at the Jefferson City Schools’ monthly Board of Education meeting about overcrowding at East Elementary School.

New schedule allows JCHS students more flexibility

In order to provide Jefferson City High School students the opportunity to enroll in more classes, a new 10-block schedule has been created and will be implemented in the fall.

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Crowds get up close and personal with raptors at Runge’s eagle event

A group of 200 children and parents collectively oohed and awed as they observed the scale and sound of two live eagles Saturday morning at the Runge Conservation Nature Center.

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