Your Opinion: Prioritize services, not a courtroom

Dear Editor:

A comedy act always appears to be in evidence whether the members of any political group are in power or just holding an office locally with the worthless projects they throw at the taxpaying public. And now the judges don’t seem to be happy in their present location and are requesting a larger courtroom with more money being spent for this purpose. Do they perhaps think this will also add to prestige. And the builders seem to be quite interested in this proposal.

At present, this citizen believes more concern should be given to matters that confront the public.

For starters, many more potholes seem to be appearing overnight as well as cracks on streets and highways. Even residential areas have been hit. Too much money was spent on sidewalks in places where they should not have sprung up in the first place to really help the businesses located in these areas. We should remember cheaper materials were used in many projects undertaken by the ones doing the work.

Thinking about these unused buildings, why one or even two new high schools when the younger kids are killing others? The way things are going, it might be advisable to build a detention center or convert an older, unused house into one. It looks like children are no longer the future of this country.

And food for thought. Have all manufacturers and others gone completely cuckoo with all the labeling on canned goods, packages and other items. It bedazzles the cook upon reading or trying to wade through the instructions on the can or package and the print is so tiny it is almost too tiny to read with the naked eye. Even a magnifying glass sometimes does not help. The inking on newsprint in papers and other sources of reading material could be helpful.

We consumers should be helped. The need is wanted.