Your Opinion: Officials ignore concerns, but seek spotlight

Dear Editor:

I have been watching and reading the news about the trouble the Veteran’s Administration with great concern.

I was really taken back by the statement that Sen. Blunt and Congresswoman Hartzler made saying the were “troubled by this.” So are veterans.

It seems to me that our representatives that we send to D.C. to work for us do not have these concerns until something likes this happens and it makes the headlines and then they are all out front in the public showing concern. Why now?

I have written to Sens. Blunt and McCaskill and Congressman Luetkemeyer several times in past years about concerns I have with the VA system. The first thing you receive back from them is a letter to send them a release of privacy statement. After that you may receive a form letter telling you they are taking up the matter. You wait and wait and hear nothing.

Seems like the only interest they have is when a big blowup comes along and then they swing into action in front of the TV camera and on the front page of the newspaper or in an upcoming election year. Why?

I can tell all of them that if a VA hospital is telling them they only have 17-19 veterans that have been on the waiting list to get a appointment in 90 days, that if they want to get the correct number. Get up early in the morning stand in front of the VA hospital entrance and as the veterans come into the doorway, stop and ask each one how long it has taken them to get the service they deserve.

It is time to shake up this VA, let incompetent people go and hire people who really take the job at heart. Talk to real folks and not just the administrators.